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They don’t call it a catwalk for nothing, and the latest trendy cat is leopard print. Luxe Models learned of plenty during London Fashion Week, including the remarkable return of animal print.

The returning trend couldn’t have come at a better time, as we mourn the death of Jackie Collins. She would have loved next spring, as she once said her weakness was “too much leopard print”.

80s Theme

Both Topshop and Hill & Friends’ animal print looks to be in hot pink too, something we have rarely seen since the 1980s party scene. And the 80’s party girl seemed to be the trend throughout the Topshop collection.

Leopard print Luxe Models

As well as pink leopard print, we saw blazers over party dresses, long sequinned gloves and even a printed tee of Princess Diana laughing with Princess Anne. It was winningly tongue-in-cheek, with silk trousers, massive hair do’s and trophy bomber jackets all on show. The sleeves were even pushed up to the elbow, with leather miniskirts and cricket jackets in full force. As we predicted last month, high-waist jeans are on their way back too.

London over Paris

The decision to move the show from New York to London this season was seen as bringing the line closer to John Galliano who is based in France. Whilst the designer wasn’t actually in attendance, he did show his first Margiela collection in London in January.

His fashion focuses on individual beauty rather than a crowd-pleasing array of clothes, which is refreshing and unique. He also brings an element of normality to the catwalk, with men in high-waisted shorts and women in tough black layers. Tiny handbags had clear plastic bags attached, containing the ordinary things people carry in bags like chewing gum, lipstick and even tampons.

Multicultural references on the catwalk often feel awkward and forced, but that wasn’t the case this time around. Japanese silks and shimmering discs in the style of Indian mirror embroidery were handled with the lightness and sophistication that they deserve. Silk tea dresses, split high for a butterfly-wing flutter around the legs looked remarkable, and are sure to prove popular in the coming future.

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