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Do you love your wardrobe, but just can’t find the best thing to wear in your wardrobe? At Luxe Models, we always keep on top of trends with our outfits, and we also know the best way to keep them organised.

Empty everything!

The first thing you’re going to have to do is to remove everything from your wardrobe. Put some music on and get into the swing of things!

Clean out the closet

In an ideal world, we should all do this every few months. But it’s easily said than done, so you’ve probably got dirt and dust clogged up at the back of the closet. Take this opportunity to clean it out, and use air freshener to get rid of damp.

Wardrobe Luxe Models

Sort into seasons

Separate your summer clothes from the winter ones so that you can make informed choices on your best outfit. To keep looking fresh every day, you’re going to have to rotate your whole wardrobe so make sure it’s structured. And get rid of anything you’re clearly never going to wear – it could be worth donating some clothes to charity! The Salvation Army are just one charity who do great things with people’s cast-off clothes.

Separate and structure

Whether it’s party dresses, sleepwear or casual daytime clothing, separate it into sections and do the same with the colours. Sort them by size too, so that you know what your wardrobe is lacking and what you already have an abundance of! Keep your whites separate to darks and stripes far away from the plains!

Hanging around

Use hangers to keep everything neat and tidy. Piles of clothes just never work and make choosing your next outfit a thankless task. Make sure everything is hanging neatly and it will become much easier to slip in and out of a few different choices promptly. Don’t do this for loose knits, scarves or sweaters – they could lose their shape!

Look after special outfits

Put your wedding dresses and special occasion outfits into protector covers – when you last wore them they weren’t dusty, but by the next time an occasion comes around they may well have been sat there for more than just a couple of months!

Keep your accessories separate

It’s best to put your boots on the same side as your winter clothes and coats, and you can keep your heels (or at least some of them!) near your party dresses. Make sure you keep space for your hats, belts and bags – if they are kept neatly they don’t take up too much space, but make sure you prioritise!

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