Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Wow in Paris



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luxe models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Wow in Paris

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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017 is in full swing, as designers are dazzling with unique, mind-blowing fashion. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner took centre stage in Paris earlier this week, wowing everyone as they strutted down the city’s catwalks, while modelling some stunning pieces. LUXE Models recap on their best bits of the week so far, and why they are ultimate #ModelGoals!

LUXE models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Wow in Paris

Credit: Celeb Mafia

Hot models

It’s hard to find two hotter models than Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner right now. Bella is one of the industry’s fastest-rising stars. She’s already modelled for the likes of Diane von Fürstenberg, Moschino and Chanel, as well as graced the covers of fashion magazines such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

If anything Kendall, who’s worked with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, is even more famous than Bella. Last year, she was asked to front the September issue of Vogue, which is a huge honour for any model. Kendall capped off 2016 by being crowned Tumblr’s model of the year, beating out the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as Cara Delevingne, showing just how influential she is.

Striking looks

It’s no surprise then, that these two hot models were invited to take part in the Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017. The girls took to the runway wearing one-of-a-kind pieces which came from Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2017 Couture collection, seriously rocking vintage Americana vibes. The brand showcased this collection, after wowing fashionistas with its latest line at Paris Men’s Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017.

Let’s start with Bella. According to Hollywood Life, a lifestyle portal, she looked like Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, during the Givenchy show. Bella made a grand entrance on the catwalk, wearing a sleeveless, high-necked dress. The skirt of the dress had fabulous featured feather detailing, allowing it to flow effortlessly as Bella walked. Givenchy topped off the look with sandals and lace tights.

Kendall’s outfit was no less fabulous than Bella’s. Keeping with the Victorian theme, Givenchy dressed Kendall in a cute plaid dress, teaming it with matching plaid tights and shoes. Kendall’s look was really set apart from the other outfits on the Givenchy runway, by its embellished collar and matching plaid belt. Both girls kept their hair simple, to make sure the clothes got all the attention!

luxe models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Wow in Paris 1 kendal

Credit: The Indian Express

The girls also appeared in Chanel’s show for Paris Couture Fashion Week Spring 2017. The Chanel show is always hotly anticipated and the brand stunned everyone again, by championing a new fuller silhouette for couture clothing at its latest display. For the show, Kendall rocked a stunning silver frock, which featured feathers on a skirt that veered off into a sheer embellished tail, while Bella wore a navy dress, complete with embellished skirt, which came with matching over-the-knee boots!

luxe models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Wow in Paris 3

Credit: Celebuzz

How it’s done

In Paris, both Bella and Kendall showed how you do modelling right. The girls walked the Givenchy’s catwalks like they owned them, while never letting their fabulousness draw people’s eyes away from the clothes they came to see. If you’re wanting to become a model, so you can meet cool people and travel the world, look to Bella and Kendall for some serious model inspiration.

Seven Best Dressed Celebs At The 2017 Golden Globes



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The 2017 Golden Globe Awards were held recently, attracting famous faces from across Hollywood. LUXE Models asks: who were the best dressed celebrities at the 2017 Golden Globes?

1 Emma Stone

This was a big night for actress Emma Stone, who picked up the ‘Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy’ award for her role in La La Land. She also triumphed in the style stakes at this year’s Golden Globes, rocking an off-white, star-spangled Valentino dress, coupled with just a diamond collar necklace.

luxe models Seven Best Dressed Celebs At The 2017 Golden Globes 1

Credit: PopSugar

2 Natalie Portman

If anyone showed that they can use fashion for marketing purposes, a valuable skill to have if you want to become a model, it was Natalie Portman. The star channelled her title role in Jackie, a biopic on Jackie Kennedy, with a canary yellow, floor-length embellished Prada gown that just screamed 1960s!

3 Evan Rachel Wood

US News outlet Today named Evan Rachel Wood, the star of Westworld, one of its best dressed celebs of the 2017 Golden Globes. Instead of wearing a dress, Evan donned a custom Altuzarra silk pantsuit for the red carpet. Teamed with styled, short-blonde locks, she was the ultimate fashionable feminist!

luxe models Seven Best Dressed Celebs At The 2017 Golden Globes 1

Credit: Lainey Gossip

4 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was definitely one of the standouts this year. On the red carpet, the iconic actress showcased a flirty, silver Alexander McQueen frock, complete with intricate silver sequin embroidery and a frothy silk train. Paired with matching gloves, this was total old school Hollywood glamour!

5 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, who rose to fame as a child in Steven Spielberg’s ET, is looking better than ever. Deciding to flaunt her figure at the Golden Globes, Drew worked a glamourous 1920s-esuqe Monique Lhuillier sheath gown with cut-out shoulder detail, which is really on trend and billowing sleeves.

luxe models Seven Best Dressed Celebs At The 2017 Golden Globes 1

Credit: Celeb Mafia

6 Anna Kendrick

As she becomes a big star, Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick just keeps showing us that she knows what to wear on a red carpet. Displaying her style credentials once again, at this ceremony Anna chose an asymmetrical-shouldered, gun metal pleated dress designed by Vionnet, which was pure class.

luxe models Seven Best Dressed Celebs At The 2017 Golden Globes 1

Credit: The Mercury News

7 Naomi Campbell

You don’t become one of the biggest supermodels of all time, like Naomi Campbell, without learning how to shine at an awards ceremony. Naomi rose to the occasion again at the 2017 Golden Globes, with a pleated, one-shouldered, deconstructed white and black Versace gown that wowed everyone!

Charcoal Face Masks: the new craze…


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LUXE Models charcoal face mask


The internet has recently gone into meltdown over the new craze sweeping the world. The charcoal face mask! They are said to have many benefits, such as cleansing deep down, making the skin soft and leaving a luscious glow. But are the masks all they’re cracked up to be? LUXE Models investigates how good the face mask of the moment actually is…

A little bit of background

So, what is the charcoal face mask? As if you’d have to ask! The charcoal face mask is made from skin purifying charcoal powder (hence why the masks are black), and is the latest beauty trend of 2017. Popular amongst beauty bloggers and celebrities, there are hundreds of YouTube videos featuring the phenomenon. However, many facialists have warned against the use of the charcoal masks, emphasising their damaging effect they have to the skin. Among the videos raving about the new trend, there are numerous that show the pain staking task of getting the mask off – along with the screams of pain and squirms to rip it off. OUCH!

LUXE Models charcoal face mask

Photo: Read Unwritten

 Beauty necessity or beauty disaster?

Facialist Andy Millward warns against the use of charcoal face masks, he says “the reason why the skin feels so soft and smooth is because the mask is effectively ripping off the surface area of the skin along with the vellus hair” and stresses “the long-term damage outweighs the benefits”.

The blackheads that people believe to be removing are not the only thing the masks are ripping off. The majority of oils pulled from the skin will be sebaceous filaments and are needed by the skin so will return within 30 days. Blackheads (blocked pores) are different to sebum pores, a common misunderstanding with people investing in the masks.

Youtubers have also started making DIY variations of the masks, using charcoal powder and PVA glue. However, the masks may be having the reverse effect of what they are meant to do – by clogging pores the masks are said to cause breakouts and blemishes.

LUXE Models charcoal face mask

 Photo: The Skin Care Reviews

The verdict

So, the final conclusion? The mask ultimately removes essential oils and protective cells which keep the skin healthy and protect against bacteria. What does this mean in the long run? It leaves the skin open to harmful pollutants and the end result leaves dry and damaged skin. If you have sensitive skin, the mask may irritate the skin causing rashes and dryness. Continued use of the masks will cause long-term damage to the skin, however if a mask has been used as a one-off the skin will recover in its own time. So you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Our top tips for recovering skin? Use a gentle cleanser whilst waiting for the skin to repair; as well as this use hydrating, antioxidant-rich serum to help repair the skin. Using sun cream will also be beneficial as the skin will be extra sensitive for the first 30 days after using the mask. You have our verdict, our last piece of advice? STOP USING THE CHARCOAL MASKS!