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LUXE Models Kylie Jenner

Kylie Cosmetics are all the YouTube industry can talk about, and as if you need to ask who Kylie Jenner is! As the successful owner of Kylie Cosmetics, she has taken her makeup brand from strength to strength in the past 12 months. Adding prosperous business woman to her extensive catalogue of talents, at 19 years old we wonder what Kylie will impress us with next – and we’re excited! LUXE Models decided to try out one of Kylie’s most desired products, her Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, to reveal whether it was a hit or miss…

LUXE Models Kylie Jenner

Photo: www.kyliecosmetics.com


Boasting a spectrum of colours, Kylie’s Lip Kits can be picked up in 23 different shades, varying from dark (DEAD OF KNIGHT) to light (EXPOSED). Aside from her Lip Kits; Kylie also recently added shades to her ‘Metals’ and ‘Glosses’ collections, as well as bringing out a selection of ‘Kyshadow’ eyeshadow palettes. Having got our hands on the shade ‘CANDY K’, LUXE Models wanted to get a slice of the Kylie Cosmetics cake for ourselves!!

Pricey… But so worth it!

Costing a little under $44 (£35 and not including any UK customs fees) for the Kit plus shipping, we certainly are more than happy to pay for this product! And here’s why. Having anticipated the arrival of the Lip Kit for over two weeks; finally opening the sophisticatedly designed packaging felt like all our Christmases had come at once! It came complete with a handwritten note from Kylie herself, hopeful that we love our Lip Kit, and signed off with ‘XOXO Kylie’. The personal touch made us feel like one of Kylie’s Cali besties! ‘CANDY K’ a warm, pinky nude toned matte shade, was tried and tested by LUXE Models… And we LOVE it! The unique colour was a hit straight away, not too light but not too dark, it’s perfect for a casual day out or date night. The durability of the product was unexpected, as after putting it through the drinking and eating test, there was no need to reapply afterwards! One thin coat sufficiently does the trick. This low maintenance application certainly gets a big tick from us.

LUXE Models Kylie Jenner

Photo: Kylie Cosmetics

Any Cons?

As for any product, there’s always going to be a few cons… however, the only issue with this product might also be a positive after all! After a day or night out, the most pain staking task is removing the fleeky makeup you’d spent hours perfecting! Your brows were flawless and your wings were the best you’ve ever done. But it all must unfortunately disappear (unless you’re willing to pull off the morning panda look). When it comes to glosses and glossy lipstick, usually there’s no colour to remove at the end of the night (even though you reapplied like a million times). The Kylie Lip Kit is by far the most long-lasting product we’ve ever tried! Count your blessings if you’ve been working on those biceps at the gym, you’ll need them! Having put in a champion effort to remove the matte lipstick, it STILL wouldn’t budge! Three makeup wipes later (such a waste!) and 99% of the product has been removed, the 1% – a slight tint of colour being the only reminder of this fabulous product!

Get it!

So where can you get your very own Kylie Lip Kit? Shop online at www.kyliecosmetics.com to purchase your makeup bag essential! But hurry as shades often sell out fast! Happy Lip Kitting!