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Wearing luxurious pyjamas in public has never been hotter. But you might feel uncomfortable donning sleepwear out on the street, so you should see how the experts do it. In this piece, LUXE Models explains how to rock the pyjama trend like Selena Gomez, who has become something of a pro!

Pyjama trend 

The global fashion industry is undergoing something of a transformation right now. Consumers, designers and brands are increasingly turning away from high fashion, instead opting for more casual pieces. Everything from band t-shirts to underwear as outerwear is popular right now.

It shouldn’t surprise you then, that people have started wearing pyjamas out in the public. Recognising this trend, designers are now beginning to create fashionable pyjama sets. At Milan Fashion Week Prada debuted several chinoiserie pyjama sets, adorned with prints and jewels, while Gucci displayed a luxurious pink-printed lounge suit, stunning their audiences with their takes on pyjama fashion.

So if you’re looking to embrace the pyjama trend, you’re in luck, as thanks to brands like Prada and Gucci, there are now more fashionable sets available than ever before. We should also point out that if you team luxury pyjamas with items like coats, boots, scarves and gloves, they can be perfect in winter. With fashionable pyjamas, you can be cool but stay warm throughout the cold season.

Selena’s style

You may want to know, however, how to style luxury pyjamas, so people actually know that you’re rocking the latest trend. Without the right accessories, they may just think that you forgot to get dressed that morning! You could always take a few tips from Selena Gomez, who according to Seventeen Magazine, looks “freaking amazing” while working pyjamas on the street.

We first saw this back in September 2015. Channelling fellow popstar Rihanna, the ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’ hit-maker was snapped wearing a blue, white-trimmed silk pyjama set, complete with red open-toed heels, ruby lipstick and straight, free-flowing hair, last year. With this one look, Selena showed that you don’t really have to go to a lot of effort to nail this trend, it can be done subtly.

A lot changed for Selena Gomez this year. After getting into trouble on social media, she suspended her tour and took a three month hiatus to focus on her health. Selena has now launched herself back into the spotlight with a bang. She was pictured working a US$423 set of Olivia Von Halle spotted pyjamas. Teamed with a low pony, classic black heels and a long coat, Selena’s look absolutely killed!

LUXE Models How To Rock The Pyjama Trend Like Selena Gomez

Credit: Hollywood Life

Know your rules

So, if the style goddess that is Selena Gomez can teach you anything about the pyjama trend, it should be that simplicity is key. We would suggest that you learn your colour matching rules and select your accessories carefully, however, to create a simple, yet stylish, pyjama-based outfit!