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luxe models Kendall Jenner Channels Paris Hilton On 21st Birthday

Reality TV star and emerging fashion icon Kendall Jenner recently celebrated her 21st Birthday. How do you mark this serious milestone, when you’re a member of the ultra-famous Kardashian-Jenner clan? Kendall decided to wear a dress which imitated the gown that Paris Hilton rocked on her 21st!

Massive star 

Kendall is one of the most famous women on earth. Like her half-sister Kim Kardashian, Kendall uses social media to promote herself, making new headlines with every selfie. She has a staggering 69m+ followers on Instagram, making her one of the social media platform’s most popular stars.

She’s also fast-becoming a leading figure in the “social media modelling movement.” By posting snaps of her modelling work on Instagram, Kendall gives her followers a fly-on-the-wall view of the industry. Kendall is increasingly being regarded as one of the industry’s most exciting players. She even fronted the cover of Vogue’s iconic September issue, rocking a pink ribbon-adorned black and gold matador jacket, along with matching trousers and accessories.

Imitating Paris 

Kendall’s also got a fantastic fashion sense, regularly creating outfits that kick-start trends. Along with Kim and her sister Kylie Jenner, Kendall was recently snapped working underwear as outerwear, helping this risqué 90s trend to make a comeback. For her 21st birthday, however, Kendall took her inspiration from the following decade, imitating 2000s style icon Paris Hilton.

Kendall wore a silver custom La Bourjoisie halter dress. Covered in Swarovski crystals and mesh, the outfit cost a mind-blowing US$9,000. It looked really similar to a sparkly halter dress worn by Paris on her 21st birthday. Kendall even posted a picture of herself wearing the dress on her popular Instagram account, followed by the caption “vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21,” highlighting this similarity.

Sincere flattery 

How did Paris react? She was thrilled, according to Teen Vogue. Paris actually attended Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday party, finding herself pleasantly surprised by her choice. Explaining, Paris said that “all of a sudden this gorgeous, glittering birthday girl walked in.” Paris thought that Kendall was wearing the exact same Julien McDonald dress that she rocked at her own 21st birthday bash.

However, Kendall later told Paris that she sent pictures of Paris wearing her Julien McDonald dress to a different designer, asking them to copy it. Going on, Paris said: “So it was really nice to see her wearing that and she looked gorgeous… We had a fun talk about it. It was cute I saw on her Instagram she wrote ‘Paris Hilton vibes’ with a picture of the dress and I thought that was really sweet.”

Perfect homage 

Stars often imitate their icons. Madonna’s practically made a career out of doing so, with the video for her smash 90s hit ‘Vogue’ taking the art of homage to new levels. With this outfit, Kendall showed that Paris Hilton is her role model. Considering her massive following, we’re sure that Kendall Jenner will have the same massive impact on pop culture in this decade, as Paris Hilton did in the 2000s!