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With 2016 winding down, it’s time to start looking forward. We know, thanks to London Fashion Week, that 80s beauty trends, such as bold smoky eyes, are set to be huge in Spring/Summer 2017. Some top industry experts recently predicted what other beauty trends could become popular next year.

Futuristic skincare

According to Yahoo, scientists are working on projects to fight skin diseases, which could revolutionise skincare in 2017 and beyond. Commenting, Dr Ellen Marmur, the Director Marmur Medical in New York said that “[The medical world is] working on personalising drugs to treat diseases, using your unique genetic information as a guide.”

For example German physician Dr Sturm is using a kind of orthopaedic therapy developed for arthritis on the skin, with a bespoke blood-cream service. Explaining, she said: “Your blood is drawn into a syringe that has irregularly shaped glass beads, which trigger the blood cells to produce healing factors,” which could regenerate your skin, helping people like you attain a fresh look.

Luxe Models Beauty SS17

Credit: PopSugar

Computerised makeup 

You usually have to try millions of types of cover up out on your hand, before deciding on one. This could start becoming a thing of the past in 2017, thanks to Estée Lauder’s iMatch Digital Shade Finder project. This examines pictures of your face, then chooses from roughly 22,000 colour options, via an algorithm, to provide you with a customised Lancôme foundation, helping you get a no make-up look.

3D-printed beauty 

3D-printing is becoming one of fashion’s biggest trends. In 2015, a fashion student created a device which may allow you to start printing your own clothes. Some firms are now offering kits that let you 3D-print hair and make-up kits. For example Smashbox Cosmetics’ 3D lipstick print uses a cartridge of Be Legendary Matte formula in a printer that you can use to create a lip print to brush on.

This trend should continue in 2017, with L’Oréal is currently developing 3D bio-printed skin and hair that could be used to test the safety of topical items. Commenting, the Vice President in charge of the project said: “In concept, it’s the same idea of programming the 3-D printer to print architecture on an X-Y-Z axis… We just happened to use living human cells. There’s delicacy involved.” With initiatives like these, who knows what kind of beauty products you’ll be able to print in the near future!

Amazing apps 

There are now a tonne of apps for fashion enthusiasts. This year, for instance, an app was released that you can use to find out what your favourite celebrity is wearing. In 2017, beauty apps could become even more popular. Recently, La Roche Posay rolled out the My UV Patch app. This lets you measure sun damage to your skin, via a sticker on your body, which works in tandem with the app.

Innovative beauty

And so with these trends, it’s clear that technology is increasingly coming to shape the beauty industry. In 2017, we should see new, innovative products transform the way we care for our skin and make it easier for us to don make-up which reflects who we want the world to see us as. It’s an exciting time for fashion and at LUXE Models, we can’t wait to see how these predicted trends play out in 2017!