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Before you become a model, there are several skills you need to learn. It’s really important have a perfect pout in your arsenal, but you should perfect the art of smiling, so you can build a winning portfolio. LUXE Models explains how to master the perfect pout, as well as how to smile like a model.

Perfect pout

Your portfolio is your chance to show top modelling agencies that you have what it takes to make it in this industry. When creating your portfolio, include pictures which feature you rocking the latest fashions in a number of environments, showing your versatility as a model. It is critical that you include pictures of you pouting and smiling, as these are key expressions you’ll need to master for commercial modelling jobs.

Let’s start with pouting. A lot of people go over the top so, when they pout, they resemble a fish. The key to pouting is to be subtle. When pouting, make sure you part your lips slightly, sticking your bottom lip out further just a little. Models often say the word “blue” to themselves to get their lips in pouting position. When it comes to smiling for the camera, however, getting it right can be a little trickier.

Looking natural

The issue here is that it is really hard to smile on cue, while still looking natural. When asked to smile, some people get awkward and their eyes go small without them even being aware of it, so they look unnatural. The eyes are key when smiling, as they help communicate your pure joy to the person looking at your picture. How can you smile with your eyes, as well as your mouth, when taking modelling shots?

Laughing smile

It is a good idea to find something that makes you laugh when taking modelling pictures. If you laugh while your photo is being taken, your smile comes off as genuine. Your smile will come naturally, allowing your eyes to express your mirth in the photo. If you’re working with a photographer when shooting your portfolio pictures, strike up a conversation, so they can make you laugh and produce a winning smile.

Closed-mouth smiles

It is important to note that when smiling naturally, you may automatically show your teeth. Agencies will want to see closed-mouth smiles in your portfolio, as some clients won’t want to see your teeth in your commercial modelling shots. This is really important if you have naturally prominent gums, as gummy smiles give off the wrong impression, so it is also key that you learn how to perfect closed-mouth smiles.

Practise constantly

So how can you learn to pose like a pro? Start by trying out different pouts smiles and see which ones you believe highlight your beauty as a model and then practise constantly in front of a mirror. By practising, you will start feeling comfortable pouting and smiling on cue, meaning that you will learn over time how to do both without looking awkward or shy.

It is also important to consider how you position your head while modelling as the slightest tilt of your head can change the way you look on camera. We would advise you to find the angles which cast your facial features in the most flattering light and aim to ensure that all pictures are taken from this angle. Again, practise tilting your head when pouting/smiling in the mirror to ensure you do it like a model every time!

Sell the product

As you build your portfolio, think of yourself as a salesperson. Your job is to convince the consumer to buy the products you’re modelling. But, unlike a salesperson, you only have your looks and gestures to advertise the clothes you’re wearing, so you need to work these features in portfolio shots. By learning to do a perfect pout and smile like a model, you could catch the attention of a top agency!