Halloween is upon us once more. As a fashionista, this night presents you with a conundrum. How can you wear a really scary costume, without falling foul of the fashion police? Here to lend you a helping hand, LUXE Models reveals five tips for stylish Halloween costumes that you should try this year!

Spread your net wide

The wider you spread your net, the more likely you’ll be to find chic Halloween costumes. With the arrival of the digital age, you’re no longer limited to just high street retailers, as these days you can buy clothes online too. When shopping for Halloween costumes, ensure you look at online fashion retailers like ASOS, Boohoo and Net-A-Porter, to find fabulous, but scary pieces at even better prices!

Watch the celebrities

halloween celebrity.jpg

As with everything else in life, take your ques from celebrities. Famous people always have the best, most inventive style costumes, so by seeing what they wear, you can dream up something spooky yet chic. One of the best celebrities to watch for Halloween Costumes is Heidi Klum. Over the years, Heidi has rocked a number of over-the-top costumes, from Jessica Rabbit to very convincing old lady!

Keep up with trends

Stay chic on the most horrifying night of the year by injecting a hot fashion trend into your costume. As an example, if you look at the latest slate of September fashion covers, you’ll notice that Cara Delevingne absolutely worked sequins on Elle and Gwen Stefani’s ultra-gold look for Cosmopolitan was absolutely inspired. Both of these glitzy trends can easily be incorporated into your costume!

Keep it sophisticated

sophisticated halloween.jpg

It’s so tempting to go down the sexy route on Halloween. But doing the playboy bunny thing is honestly a little bit boring – everybody does it! Styleable advises you to avoid going down the sexy route and keep things sophisticated. By opting for costumes that prize creativity over sex-appeal, you can really get into the spirit of Halloween, while giving yourself more to work with in the style stakes!

Make-up and hair matter

When it comes to cobbling together stylish Halloween costumes, hair and make-up matter, because they often complete the illusion you’re trying to create. There are plenty of online tutorials showing you how to do killer Halloween hair and make-up for you to watch, so you can complete your stylish look. Opt for quality hair and make-up products so you can imbue your costume with authenticity!

Get really imaginative

Halloween is your chance to let your freak flag fly. If you want a stylish costume this year, the key is to throw the rules out to the window and get really imaginative. Think of something really crazy and ask yourself, is there any way I can make it stylish, so you create a killer costume this Halloween!