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Former One Direction member Zayn Malik is taking over the world of fashion right now. Along with modelling, new reports suggest that Zayn is now planning on becoming a fashion designer.

Influential figure

Do you want to become a male model? Look at Zayn Malik for inspiration. With his gorgeous looks and on-point sense of style, it was only ever a matter of time before the Pillow Talk singer took the world of fashion by storm. Zayn’s fashion work first came to LUXE Models’ attention when in September, he joined stars like Twilight actress Kristen Stewart in fronting Elle magazine, making waves all around the world.

Zayn’s meteoric rise was confirmed by Business of Fashion, a sector publication, when they recently named him one of fashion’s most influential people. Zayn is now considered as influential as major models, designers and trendsetters  ranging from Gigi Hadid, his supermodel girlfriend, to iconic Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, who has re-defined fashion during her tenure in this post. Where next for Zayn?

Fashion designer

Zayn now plans to become a fashion designer and will partner with Versus Versace, to produce the Zayn x Versus collection! Not only will Zayn work with the fashion house to develop the clothing, but he will obviously model the collection, so its sure to prove successful on the high street!

The popstar announced this amazing news to his millions of devoted fans on Twitter. He said “thank you @donatella_versace for welcoming me into the@versus_versace family!” Explaining his reasons for wanting to work with this legendary designer, Zayn went on to further post:

“Versace just seeped into my consciousness growing up, possibly through many of my biggest music influences; Prince in the red Versace suit for example, it’s a part of fashion culture and is iconic. I first collaborated with her when she approached me to dress me for the Met Ball and the relationship developed from there. The thing I most want to do with this opportunity is learn.”

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Commenting on this collaboration to The New York Times, Donatella herself gushed: “I met him again when he started to date Gigi, who I work with all the time and he impressed me very much. They are very nice young people, a lovely couple, in fact. And then he told me how much he loved fashion. It was then I knew he was the right face for what I had in mind. He’s smart to do it with me.”

Dream partnership

We can see why Zayn and Donatella are excited to work with each other. He is fast becoming known for his forward looking sense of style. Throughout her career, Donatella has become one of the world’s most beloved designers. This is a dream partnership and Donatella is sure to show Zayn how to create innovative, trend-defining clothing, developing an amazing collection that will wow fashion enthusiasts!