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Distressed clothing is so in right now. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Sofia Richie is adopting the ripped look, and here LUXE Models reveals how to jump onto the trend with distressed jeans.

Go rock ‘n roll

An article on Seventeen gives an insight into the best ways to wear distressed clothing. It just screams rock ‘n roll, so embracing your inner Mick Jagger is always a good way to start.

Go wild – anything in black and silver works here, while leather jackets and studded belts add a real rebellious edge! Take the look to new extremes by embracing multi-coloured hair and bright make-up, evoking the punk style of the late 70s and early 80s!

Embrace new trends

Be really fashion forward by teaming distressed jeans with other cool trends. Google has recently released its list of the hottest styles of 2016 and some go really well with ripped jeans.


The obvious example is the bomber jacket, which injects some cool urban chic into your look. Other popular trends of the moment that go well with these items include shirt dresses, which are great for going casual and off-the-shoulder tops, which when worn with distressed jeans, make you look like a free-spirit!

Try boho-chic

Style blog Gurl points out that distressed jeans and boho chic are a match made in heaven. Boho staples like long tunics and wide-brimmed hats team beautifully with distressed jeans.

If you want to be a bit more experimental, throw on a kimono and maybe even a few quirky accessories. We’d advise you to go for messy hair here, because when you do boho, you can’t look like you’re trying too hard!

Jazz them up

Distressed jeans are great for the night time. By opting for statement jewellery, killer heels and skin-tight tops, you can make these effortlessly edgy, sexy trousers work for a night on the tiles.

Look at the September 2016 fashion magazine covers, which have just hit the news-stands, for inspiration here. Trends featured on the front of magazine like Vogue and Elle US such as sequins, cut-out pieces and head-to-toe patterns are sure to jazz up your distressed jeans!

Tone it down


You don’t have to make a massive statement when wearing distressed jeans, as you can also make them work for casual situations, such as going for coffee with friends, as well.

Classic t-shirts, cardigans, vest-tops, trainers and sandals all look absolutely wonderful when paired with ripped jeans, allowing you to strike a good balance between cool and casual, so you don’t overdo it.

Choose jeans wisely

Distressed jeans are really versatile, so as long as you’re creative, you won’t have much trouble styling them. But these rips leave nothing to the imagination, so it’s vital that you choose your distressed jeans very carefully.

When shopping for these items, think about fit, size and colour. Find a pair of distressed jeans that’s right for your body and works with your wardrobe and sense of style!