With summer winding down, it’s time to start thinking about the coming season. What can you wear this autumn to ensure you look absolutely fabulous? Well why not turn to Google for advice?

Based on search trends, Google has just revealed which styles are set to be really hot next season!

Finding fashion advice

Major fashion designers and brands such as Channel, Alexander McQueen and Dior have traditionally decided which trends should become popular. By checking out the coverage of the four major bi-annual Fashion Weeks, you could learn which styles you should rock for the coming season.

Leopard print Luxe Models

At the last London Fashion Week, LUXE Models found that leopard print is suddenly hot again!

But with digital technologies advancing all the time, you can also now find a lot of fashion advice online. Check out the LUXE Models blogs for a range of fashion and modelling tips on our various blogs. Also with apps like Craves, you can find what celebrities are wearing easily too!

Google’s fashion revelations

A lot of people are now also turning to Google for fashion advice. As the world’s largest search engine, Goole can supply you with a tonne of fashion editorials, tip pieces, images and even instructional videos, allowing you to determine both what the latest trends are and how to wear them.

Refinery 29 reveals that last year, Google finally saw the power of its incredible database. The search engine now releases regular fashion trend reports, detailing which styles people are looking up online.

Last year, Google found that while previously popular pieces such as peplum dresses were falling out of style, the ‘athleisure’ trend was fast gaining fans across the world.

Fashion trends 2016

Google has now launched its Fashion Trends 2016 paper, which explored the top searched-for style categories between May 2014 and May 2016. This time around, the company expanded its report to include both the US and the UK, naming top trends and breaking them down by popular colours, patterns and fabrics. Apparently early 2000s trends are fast falling out of style.

Drop-crotch pants, see-through clothes, acid-wash jeans, asymmetrical skirts, waist trainers and baby doll dresses are all becoming unfashionable. But there are three categories of clothing that are really rising in the fashion stakes right now.

These are military (e.g. biker trousers and bomber jackets), ‘ready-to-go’ clothing (e.g. rompers) and ‘free-spirited’ fashion (e.g. off-the-shoulder tops).

blazer luxe models

Google also named “rising stars” and falling stars,” in its Fashion Trends report. Rising stars, which have seen growing interest in the past few months, but might not be popular long-term, include bralettes and bodysuits.

Falling stars, which were once popular but are now seeing their Google search volumes drop, include suede skirts. Furthermore, Google predicted that pieces such as shirt dresses, ‘coatigans’ (a coat/cardigan hybrid) and bomber jackets are only set to become more popular.

Build your portfolio

With this report, Google shown how you can be on trend this autumn. If you’re thinking of breaking into modelling and you want to build a portfolio, consider wearing these styles in your pictures. By doing this, you’ll show top modelling agencies that you’re more than just a pretty face; you have the passion and drive needed to succeed in the fashion industry!