There are certain staples that every woman, no matter their shape or size, should stock in their wardrobe. Take the simple black boyfriend suit; find the right one and you can wear it for any occasion, as long as you know how to style it properly. LUXE Models reveals how to style a black boyfriend suit.

Show your cuffs

When it comes to black boyfriend suits, you might want to find a way to break up the black, otherwise you could end up looking too serious. Try exposing the cuffs of your white shirt, so you can add a little extra character to your outfit. If you want to take this look one step further, try wearing your shirt cuffs unbuttoned, so you can lend a cool, casual vibe to your suit!

Add some accessories

blazer luxe models.jpg

Black boyfriend suits are like blank canvasses. By adding some accessories, you could make it work for anything. You can throw on a statement necklace, or layer up some bangles, for instance, so make your black boyfriend suit ready for the evening. Big heels always work with these simple pieces, while swapping them out for sandals can turn your boyfriend suit into the perfect daywear piece!

Experiment with tucking

Conventional wisdom suggests that you should tuck your shirt in when wearing a black boyfriend suit. If you’re at work this makes sense, as tucking your shirt in will allow you to give off a professional air. But fashion blog The Chronicles of Her explains that you don’t always have to tuck your shirt in. Leave it untucked or half tucked if you want to feel more casual while rocking a black boyfriend suit!

Hair and makeup styling

hair makeup luxe models.jpeg

With a piece this simple, focus on finding the right hair and makeup looks. Soft hair is a must with black boyfriend suits, as it really complements the piece. Whether you wear your hair up or out, going for natural hair with a soft wave can work wonders here. As far as makeup is concerned, keep it fresh and pretty to tone down the piece, or wear bright lips to make it more glitzy!

Embrace hot trends

Make your black boyfriend suit fashion forward by teaming it with the hottest fashion fads of the day. Some of the biggest trends of summer 2016 go really well with this statement outfit. Cateye sunglasses, which are the ultimate shades-the-moment, for instance, can serve as the perfect eyewear for black boyfriend suits in summer. Opt for accessories in rose gold to be really on trend.

Work loose fits

The key word here is ‘boyfriend.’ Ensure the piece is loose, but does not drown your body shape, to nail the black boyfriend suit. By making sure this piece is loose and trying out these styling tips, you’ll project a sense of fabulousness the next time you walk out of the house in a black boyfriend suit!