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British summers are really unpredictable. One minute the sun’s beaming through the clouds, the next it rains. So how can you prepare? You may want to try layering, but how can you do this without getting too hot? LUXE Models reveals how to layer in summer.

Carry a roomy bag

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes and you may want to opt for a larger one in summer. If you carry a roomy bag with you, you can use it to store layering essentials such as light cardigans and t-shirts, as well as other staples such as sunglasses and umbrellas that you’ll need to survive the British summer. Something like a back pack or a tote would work well for the daytime, but you can class-up your look by switching to bowlers or bucket bags in the evening!

Wrap it round

90s fashion is really in right now and Bustle suggests that you work this to your advantage when layering in summer. Embrace your inner grunge kid by wrapping clothes light cardigans and shirts around your waist when it’s hot, so you can don them easily when temperatures cool down. Not only will this make layering easier, it’ll help you cultivate a really cool, offbeat look this season!

Dress down for daytime

Go for light, casual pieces when you’re layering in the day. A long cardigan will serve as your best friend here, as this really versatile piece goes with practically everything and can be folded into your bag easily. Light, patterned summer scarfs can also work for layering purposes for the same reasons, while if you want to be a little daring, you could always pair a crop top with a longer shirt!

Jazz up for evenings

How can you layer on a summer evening and still look fabulous? You might want to try wearing lace clothing, which is fun and feminine, yet light and can be teamed easily with other pieces when the need arises. If you’re going for a more professional vibe, think about throwing a blazer on. These statement pieces class-up pretty much any look, especially when you wear them with a pair of killer heels and you can roll up the sleeves if you need to cool down when it gets too hot!

Remember the rules

The key to layering in summer is to remember the core rules of building up a great outfit. Make sure that you choose the right clothes for your body shape, so your layers don’t look odd when stacked against each other. You may also want to keep the rules of pairing colours in mind when layering, so you create an outfit which fits together seamlessly. If you’re thinking of mixing patterns and prints, which is a pretty popular trend right now, be careful or your outfit could be a disaster!

Dress to impress

Most importantly of all, wear clothes that make you feel really good when layering in summer. This’ll give you the confidence you need to pull off your outfit and you could always end up attracting the attention of a top modelling agency scout with your cool sense of style!