With summer right around the corner, you need to start thinking about beach wear! You may want to head down to your local high street in the next few weeks and buy a new bikini, so you can work up a fabulous tan while you’re lying on the golden sands of some amazing Mediterranean paradise this summer. LUXE Models reveals how to shop for a bikini.

Try different shapes and styles 

Clothing size tags often vary from shop to shop; if you’re a size 12 in Next or Top Shop, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a size 12 everywhere. Don’t just go into your favourite store, pick up your size and leave it at that; try bikinis on before you buy!  Seventeen Magazine writes that bikini sizes can vary hugely from store to store, so be really careful!

Know your body

luxe models - bikini

You need to know your body to be good at shopping. What kind of bikinis do you usually wear? What normally looks good on you? If you know these things, you’ll make your shopping experience a whole lot quicker. If you go in blind, you might spend ages working your way around the shop floor looking for the right bikini for your body shape and sense of style!

Choose matching colours

Most women aren’t the same size all over. Back in the old days this meant that you’d have to buy different size bikini tops and bottoms. But brands have started to realise that real women come in all shapes and sizes, so many now make bikinis that you can mix and match! In other words, you can go for matching sets rather than waste time trying to find bikini tops and bottoms that sort of go together!

Dress for shopping

Shopping is like playing sports, you should dress properly to win! Make sure you go out in footwear that you can walk around in all day. You might also want to think about wearing loose clothing such as jeans and a t-shirt that slips off easily, that way you can get in and out of the changing room as quickly as possible!

Take some pictures

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Who says you need to buy your new bikini on your first shopping trip? When you’re in the changing room you might want to snap a few pictures of you wearing various bikinis, so you can go away and see what’s right for your body before you buy! You could even show them to your girlfriends so they can give you their expert opinions on which bikini you should rock this summer!

Look and feel great!

The key to bikini shopping is to find an absolutely fabulous piece that you feel comfortable wearing. If you go for a bikini that doesn’t feel right for your body, it’ll knock your confidence and everyone will see that you don’t look comfortable wearing it. If you feel that the bikini is right for you, you’ll have the confidence you need to rock it when you head to the beach this summer!