If you are looking to break into modelling, decide what kind of model you want to be.

Do you want to try your hand at fashion modelling, so you can glide down the catwalk wearing some of the season’s hottest designs?

What about body parts modelling or alternative modelling, where you can use your best assets or your unique style to help launch yourself into an amazing career? LUXE Models looks at the exciting world of commercial modelling.

Intro to commercial

Commercial modelling has a higher demand for a range of models. As a commercial model, your job will be to promote products and services by appearing magazines, adverts, on billboards and online ads. If you find a way to break into this industry, a whole world of opportunities will open before your very eyes!

Learn to act

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Despite what people believe, you don’t have to look like Cara Delevingne to make it as a commercial model. The look often depends on what the client wants for their advert and a lot of successful commercial models are just ordinary people.

When looking for commercial models, clients are often more bothered about personality, as they want someone who can really sell their product.

But if you want to become a commercial model, you need to be able to act.

The best commercial models are the ones express emotion and repeat this look over and over again as they stand in front of a camera promoting a new product. If you’re really committed to making it as a commercial model, you might want to take a few acting lessons!

Get started

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Getting started in the world of commercial modelling is no different than breaking into any other type of modelling with no experience. Build a portfolio of pictures which show you striking different modelling poses, so you can interest a top modelling agency.

You could go all out and hire a professional photographer, makeup artists and stylist to ensure you have great portfolio snaps!

If you want to make it as a commercial model, you need to make sure you actually sign with an agency that specialises in this industry so you’ll receive all the help you’ll need to be successful.

Research top commercial modelling agencies, contact the companies that you feel you could work with and if they call you in for an interview, make sure you make a really great first impression!