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Choosing the right agency can pave the way for a successful career in the modelling industry. Not only do you need certain characteristics and the right portfolio, but you’ll also need to stand out from the crowd. Here, LUXE Models look at five things you should do to ensure you’re successful.

Ensure the agency is reputable

A reputable agency can help to get you editorial shoots which will boost your portfolio, as well as help lead to various catwalk opportunities and advertising campaigns. Do your research to make sure they’re giving you a fair deal on the percentage of money they get from your bookings, and do a thorough online check of each agency to confirm they’re legitimate before enrolling. “The best agencies in the world are universal – you can look them up on models.com,” says Chris Gay, general manager of The Society Management.

Don’t waste money

Much of the modelling industry is unnecessary, over-elaborate and useless. Some services may sound as though they are essential, but you simply need to refine your portfolio and ensure that you have a wide variety of professional shots – as well as the correct characteristics – to become appealing to modelling agencies. With the ease of social media platforms such as Instagram, you can do most of the groundwork from your own home.

Look natural

Much of the modern day ‘look’ that people tend to go for is enforced, with big hair and elaborate makeup styles to match. That’s all totally unnecessary and to get picked up, you can often just look natural in a t-shirt and jeans. It’s best to show off your variety and unique looks to stand out from the crowd, but keep it natural. Be you.

Cut out the middle man

Communication between two people goes a lot quicker and more efficiently than three. If scouts and other third parties are slowing the process, don’t be afraid to contact an agency directly and send them examples of your work to show what you’re capable of.

Be personable

As Cara Delevingne’s Instagram profile has shown, there is no harm in showing your personality in some of your portfolio works.  “Successful models aren’t just an image, they are people with a personality and drive,” says Ivan Bart. Just by showing a little personality you can enable agencies to feel an affiliation with you before they even get to speak to you, and it’s those margins which can be significant.