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Launching a career in modelling is an incredibly difficult process. LUXE Models use industry knowledge and expertise to make the process as easy as possible for aspiring models to break into the industry.

There are various different types of modelling, and each of them have specific requirements. Your physical appearance, skill level and common traits will all come into consideration when determining which area of modelling suits you best. LUXE Models explain the three decisions you’ll need to make.


  1. Determine your area

The majority of modelling areas will typically attract people with a tall, slim build. However, the modelling industry is ever developing into a more diverse, flexible industry which looks for people of all sizes and body shapes. Here are a few examples of some of the key modelling areas:

  • Live Modelling – This generally focuses on the personality of the model rather than their physical appearance. Live models will be representing a company at a venue promoting a particular product or brand. Live modelling requires interaction with relevant people, and you’ll be representing a company so will need to exude confidence, professionalism and a willingness to learn.

  • Fashion Modelling – This is typically the most popular area of modelling. Conventionally, the markets will be looking for slim people who are at least 5ft 8in. In New York, the minimum height is 5ft 10in. If you’re around that height, then most looks are considered, from mainstream to alternative.

  • Commercial print modelling – This involves modelling for photography in magazines, newspapers etc. Whether it involves advertising a specific brand or product, or portraying a specific role, the requirements can vary significantly depending on the type of job.

  • Body part modelling – This will aim at certain body parts rather than your look as a whole. Have you got luscious hair or legs that seem to go on forever? This could be your area regardless of your overall body shape, height or any other restrictions which prevent you from getting into an alternative area.
  1. Use the professionals

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You’ll stand a better chance at breaking into modelling if you use professional advice and skills. If you hire a professional photographer, makeup artist and stylist, then you’re giving yourself the best chance of success. LUXE Models can also be useful to you if you’re wondering what further skills would be helpful when trying to break into the industry. Whoever you choose to use, the more professional advice you get the higher the chance of realising your potential.

  1. Show your versatility

Having a number of looks suited to different styles of modelling will give you the best chance of seeing success in modelling. If the photographer is good, they’ll know exactly what look they’re trying to capture. But they can only deal with what’s in front of them, so you’ll need a diverse range of looks. Make sure you master the head shot, beauty shot, fashion shot, commercial shot and you’ve got a wide range of outfits and hair styles available.