Today Luxe Models has decided to tackle one of the hottest makeup trends of spring/summer 2016. Keep reading to learn how to draw on fake freckles.

General Pants - Backstage - MBFFS 2013

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 21: A model prepares backstage ahead of the General Pants show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2013 at Sydney Town Hall on August 21, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/WireImage)

New trend

If you checked out the Emanuel Ungaro spring/summer 2016 show back in October, you’ll have noticed something a little different. They sent their models out onto the runway with beautiful faux freckles created by makeup genius Lucia Pieroni.

According to Cosmopolitan, Pieroni confirmed that faux freckles are set to be the must-have makeup trend of spring/summer 2016. Here at Luxe Models we couldn’t be more excited – drawing on faux freckles is the perfect way to provide your face with a youthful glow, without resorting to booking a session at the local tanning salon.

Five freckle drawing tips

Several members of the Luxe Models team have been practising how to draw on fake freckles and we’ve found that if you use these tips, you’ll nail the look down pat.

  • Pick your product: Don’t go for eyeliner. We’ve found – thanks to Elle – that you can use brow products to draw really amazing fake freckles.


  • Consider colour: When you’re picking out your brow product, go for shade that’s a toucher lighter than the natural hue of your hair. You might even want to think about going for two different shades such as light and medium brown, to cultivate a natural look.


  • Tap it: Here’s the important bit – take the brow product and tap it along your nose and cheeks. We’d suggest that you almost bounce it to ensure you create freckles so authentic people will think you’ve just got back from spending a week or two in the Mediterranean.


  • Don’t be perfect: When you’re tapping your brow product you need to make sure the spots aren’t too perfect. We’ve found that the trick to creating fake freckles is to make sure they’re oddly shaped, so that they appear very natural.

Give yourself a youthful glow

Now you’ve read this article, you’ve seen just how easy it really is to draw on fake freckles. As long as you pick a good brow product and throw a little caution out the window, you can craft a look that’ll give you a beautiful youthful glow in spring/summer 2016.