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We all have that one friend who’s devoted to fashion, but what do they want for Christmas? All of these gift ideas are less than £40 and are in with the current trends.


Fancy tights

Every woman wants to keep warm whilst looking fabulous this time of year, so why not purchase some tights? Try some Polka-dot sheer tights, as seen on the Diane von Furstenberg catwalk in New York fashion week, which will go well with a dark party frock for New Year’s Eve. Socks aren’t very sexy as a stocking filler, but knickers can be a little personal. Tights get the balance just right.


Of course, jewellery can be expensive. But there are some alternative styles which are topical and versatile, and with a vast range of prices, they can still act as the perfect gift this Christmas. Of course, there’s a massive margin for error with this one so be careful. Try these Crystal Pendant earrings from Mango or something simple yet elegant for a safe bet.

Tassels and socks

Tassels are big news at the moment for stylish footwear, and you can get some Adidas or Nike socks to match. Street-style star Veronika Heilbrunner is well-known for this fashion trend, with socks at just £8 they’re a perfect stocking-filler. Remember though, they need to be genuine and have the exact Nike swoosh – substandard ones will just end up at the back of the sock drawer.

Pom poms

Hats are not only in fashion, but also incredibly useful at this time of the year with the cold temperatures. A pom pom hat will always lighten the mood, whilst looking stylish at the same time. Keep an eye out for colourful, adventurous styles. Logically, the pom pom doesn’t actually do anything, but that’s the genius of a pom pom – it’s definitely cute though.

Silly phone case

Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays, and they need to be protected. The latest fashion accessory is a phone case, so the fashionable folk will always be searching for the latest innovative idea. Keep your eye out for something with personality, comedy value and that stands out from the shelf. Take a look at this Krusty Shake silicone case from Top Shop, for example.

Whichever gift you choose, be sure to keep it current and quirky. There’s no point in buying something they’ll already have, or don’t want – you’re best to go for something that they may not necessarily have thought of, or haven’t ever got round to buying. These work as the best gift ideas at this time of year.