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As 2015 draws to a close, we’ve seen some of the top worldwide celebrities take to the red carpet. Here, Luxe Models take a look at the best-dressed women of this year.

Emma Watson

The 25-year-old actress hasn’t appeared in public much this year, but when she has she’s made it count. Named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015, the Goodwill Ambassador navigated the UN forum admirably – dressed particularly well too. She also took part in the Green Carpet Challenge in August wearing beautiful combinations which showed that sustainable fashion is something close to her heart.

Emma Watson

Alicia Vikander

The rising star of 2015, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander is gradually finding her feet on the red carpet and is looking good – she was placed on the front row by Louis Vuitton twice this year. She also looked exceptionally smart at the promo for The Danish Girl. Her most notable look of the year has to be from the Cannes Film Festival where she wore a stunning Louis Vuitton ensemble in green.

Keira Knightley

Despite having a baby bump, actress Keira managed to pull off a variety of looks earlier this year. Whilst cramming her handbag full of snacks, her figure-hugging dresses and strapless Chanel paillettes helped her rock the red carpet. Always managing to look elegant and sophisticated we have no doubt that she’ll be a yummy mummy.

Diane Kruger

Actresses always seem to have a tendency to look good, and the German star is no different. She claims to have no stylist yet still managed to rock the red carpet in Cannes, Toronto and the Venice Film Festival looking gorgeous. Even after a recent mishap whilst trying to dye her hair red she still manages to look stylish.

Lily James

The Downton Abbey star looks as remarkable off-screen as she does on it. Not only did she appear as Cinderella in Disney’s remake, but she also appeared with custom-made handbags and various other accessories. A commendable effort from stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, though we think Lily could probably pull anything off.

Cate Blanchett

46-year-old Australian actress Cate Blanchett appeared in Cinderella with Lily James, looking the same age as many of her younger co-stars. She also rocked the red carpet in the premiere for Carol. The seasoned Hollywood star is right at home on the catwalk, with tactful additions to her dresses and suits.

Sienna Miller

Not only is Sienna Miller an actress, fashion designer and model, but she was also the best-dressed woman of 2015 in our humble opinion. Attending various premieres, press visits and parties, Miller showed infectious enthusiasm and finesse to pull off some of the best styles – particularly at the Cannes film festival.