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Black Friday only comes around once a year. With serious mayhem set to commence on 27th November this year, Luxe Models take a look at five tips to get through Black Friday.

Black Friday Luxe Models

Do your research beforehand

If you have a particular item in mind, check which stores stock it and whether they’ve got your size. It’s sometimes possible to reserve an item; or if you can’t, just get there early to make it yours.

Be prepared

By planning ahead, you’ll be one step ahead of those in the rush. Signing up to newsletters and checking out your favourite brands on social media will keep you clued up with the latest deals and products before Black Friday itself.

Try Things On

If there are particular items you can only justify buying with a discount, make sure you’ve been to the store and tried them on beforehand wherever possible. If you’re deciding between a couple of different styles, take a selfie of the outfit in the changing rooms so you can refer back to it before you commit yourself. You could even try sharing it on social media to get other people’s opinions – tweet us @luxe_models and we will give you our thoughts!

Stick to a List

Whether you’re planning to buy all your Christmas presents or just fancy treating yourself, the temptation to add things to your basket because it’s a good deal can rack up a hefty bill. Try to make a list and stick to it, so that you avoid those regrettable impulse purchases. If you turn up without a list, you’ll find yourself getting stressed out trying to remember what you went into the shop for!

Set a Budget

Try setting yourself a realistic budget so that you don’t get carried away on the day. Black Friday is a great opportunity to add some fine items of clothing to your wardrobe, but use it to your advantage rather than creating financial problems for yourself.

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