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The past week has been awash with Back to the Future mania. Of course, Wednesday 21st October was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled forwards in time to in Back to the Future Part II (1989). Here, Luxe Models take a look at the fashion trends the film predicted, and what they managed to get right.

Back to the Future Luxe Models

Whilst the film showed unrealistic hover boards, holographic adverts and dehydrated pizzas, it also got some things right including Café 80’s, which was a concept of a nostalgic bar playing 80’s music including Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

Doc Brown

Doc Brown burst into the futuristic 2015 in mustard yellow trousers and a jazzy red shirt, printed with Japanese symbols. Whilst you wouldn’t see River Island or H&M showing off mustard yellow suits, it’s not a totally unfounded fashion statement. A yellow suit did appear in the Paul Smith 2013 collection, and you could see someone in similar chinos and an oriental shirt in places like Camden or Shoreditch.

Marty McFly

The film got it right with Marty’s fashionable multi-coloured cap – you can see people rocking that at festivals every year. However, they didn’t quite nail it with inside out trousers or indeed the rest of Marty’s outfit.


Okay, writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale may have been a little carried away when bringing gadgets into clothes in the future, as anyone would when looking 30 years ahead. The film showcased self-tying shoes, an auto-drying jacket and much more. Nike have hinted that they’re hard at work trying to create the trainers in real life, even giving Michael J. Fox a pair in celebration of Back to the Future Day (below). But it looks like an auto-drying jacket is some way off.

The rest

One thing that the movie did get right is the LBD, which looks slightly similar to a party dress we see today. It isn’t often seen for a lunchtime stroll like the woman in the film, but it wouldn’t look out of place as evening wear. Of the other characters we met in the film, there isn’t too much similarity between the fashion in the film and that of reality. Griff’s gang wear some funky protective armour which would have no place in today’s culture, and nor would the wacky hats worn by two kids playing a video game, unfortunately.

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