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People love a winter wedding, so Luxe Models have taken the opportunity to look at some of the most unique wedding looks we’ve seen at Bridal Fashion Week.

Social media accessories

Social media is unavoidable at the moment, even on your wedding day according to fashion designer Reme Accra who sent her models down the catwalk with glittery headphones and selfie sticks. Practical? Maybe. Bold? Most definitely.


This beautiful addition to your wedding attire is not lost on us. Traditionally used for Indian and Asian weddings, the henna looks stunning in white. It can be used to create a lace-like effect instead of other accessories or jewellery. Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but this really ties the dress and accessories together for the blushing bride.

Bride Luxe Models


If you’re getting married in the winter, then you’re going to need a sweater. This wedding accessory scores plenty of points on practicality, and can be reused after the big day! Ivy & Aster’s scoop-back, bead-embellished sweater looks great and can also keep you warm.

Flower crown

For many brides, weddings are defined by flowers. If that’s you, your outfit can be too with the Frida Kahlo flower crowns. Elegant and sophisticated, it looks great with colour-themed accessories. And you can also include the bridesmaids with the trend.


Halloween may only be a couple of weeks away, but keep your cape handy as it’s the latest wedding day trend. Of course, these capes are much more graceful and make the perfect alternative to a veil. Out of all the latest trends, this is perhaps the one which will last the longest.


If you’d prefer to keep a veil in your look, then check out the bodyveil which flows from head to heel, or in fact from your shoulder blades to the end of your dress. Its gorgeous flow completes your bridal look and can be beautifully embroidered to tailor your style.

Statement earrings

If you’re looking to make a subtle statement, consider some flashy earrings. Whether it’s a cuff or a huge drop-earring, remember to keep the hair tied back to give your earrings the chance to shine.

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