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Celebrity duck face is so 2015.Now it’s all about ‘fish gape’ – LUXE Models looks at the face celebs have been pulling on the red carpet.

We all know that most celebrities don’t do things off-the-cuff at the big events – every movement has likely been practiced and rehearsed. So that means it’s no accident that many celebrities pull a ‘fish gape’ look on their face, with cheeks sucked in and lips ever so slightly apart.

Who started the fish gape?

Keira Knightley was one of the first to hone this pout, and the likes of Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson – both of Little Mix – are some of the latest to join in.

Fish Gape Luxe Models

It’s believed that this look is aimed at puffing out the lips and making the star appear sexually alluring. It also gives the look of a slimmer face by drawing in the cheeks and the chin down.

Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Ellie Goulding have been pulling out the look  in recent months.

Why are celebs wanting to look gormless?

Harley Street psychologist Dr Becky Spelman told the Daily Mail about the ever-changing vortex of photo faces.

She said: “Because of the way today’s spotlight shines on celebrities, the red carpet is a daunting place for even the most confident and experienced individual… For a long time, the fear of giving too much of the artist’s personality away on this public platform kept a relatively narrow set of rules; stand like this, keep your face like this etc.

“However, the development of the social media generation, and particularly the rise and rise of the selfie, has seen these rules be widened, as this next generation are far more used to exposing their personalities through playing around on camera.

“’This has led to a trend whereby, rather than be sullen and still, celebrities are being more playful in public. The duck face was widely used, but as with many things in life reached a saturation point, whereby it became a negative thing to be associated with by many who wish to retain their edge.

But the duck face is now old news, and celebrities are searching for the latest trend-leading look. Spelman added: “To be at the forefront of a new trend allows the individual to be seen as an innovator, which breathes life into their coolness.”

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