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The fashion gods have spoken; orange is this season’s must have shade. At Luxe Models we realise that orange is a lot of people’s worst nightmare, so this week we thought we’d take some time to explain how to pull off orange.

Orange is in!

New Jersey-based company Pantone describes itself as “the authority on colour, provider of colour systems and leading technology for accurate communication of colour.” The fashion world sat up and took notice last week, when the shade expert decided to add 210 new colours to its famous colour wheel.

Orange Dress Luxe Models

The Guardian reported that the additions included several striking shades of orange such as Aura Orange, Mango Mojito and Dragon Fire. This makes it official; orange is this season’s must have shade, and it’s actually the perfect colour to rock if you’re looking to add a splash of daring sizzle to your summer wardrobe.

Five tips for wearing orange

Yet orange is a statement colour, and this means that it can be really hard to rock the blaring shade and look fabulous. If you don’t want to look like a pumpkin this summer, check out the following five tips for pulling off orange:

  • Minimise accessories: A piece of orange clothing makes a bold statement. You don’t want to confuse this statement by adding big accessories that confuse the eye.
  • Avoid black: You need to really think about other colours when you wear orange. As a rule of thumb you should avoid pairing it with black, as it screams Halloween. We tend to think that anything in the denim family often works fabulously with orange!
  • Be selective: As a general rule of fashion, we’d advise you to refrain from draping yourself head-to-toe in any one colour. This applies to orange more than any other colour; the only people who can pull off total-orange is the cast of Orange is the New Black!
  • Think about fabric: There are some colours that work with any fabric, but orange isn’t one of them. You should make sure you choose orange clothes that have been created with light, floaty materials such as silk to make this statement shade really pop.
  • Own it: This golden rule of fashion really applies to orange. You can’t wear a statement colour like orange if you’re uncomfortable doing so; it’ll show and completely throw off the look. You have to own orange to convince other people that this bold shade is your

Let orange do the talking!

It may seem impossible, but you can embrace orange and make it work for you. You just need to remember that orange makes a really bold statement, so you should frame your look to accentuate what this fabulous shade allows you to say about your awesome sense of style!

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