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Crack open the champagne – it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. Yep, Jennifer Aniston has got married! According to the couple, the timing was just right. Luxe Models uncovers more.

They’d been engaged for almost exactly three years, but Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux last week in a private ceremony, with just 75 of their closest friends in attendance. That didn’t prevent some superstars from attending, with Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and Sandra Bullock all showing up.

Giddy and Proud

Jennifer Aniston Luxe Models46-year-old Jen married partner Justin, 44, and the couple “were giddy to have pulled off an amazing wedding celebration with their friends,” a source tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new cover story. “And they were proud to finally be married.”

For Aniston, who has called her new husband “a protector” and “just a good human being,” the connection with Theroux was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

Where did it all start?

It all began for the two lovebirds when they met on set during the filming of Tropic Thunder in 2008 – how romantic! They began dating in 2011, shortly after filming the movie Wanderlust together.

“They were just so comfortable together and became inseparable pretty quickly”, tells Jen’s friend in the magazine. “Jen was never in a rush to get married, because they were just so content… But (it) was always the plan.”

It wasn’t all plain sailing, with Theroux enjoying life in Manhattan and Aniston preferring Los Angeles, but they do seem to thrive on doing their own things. Both seem to have very differing personalities, but often that does prove to be the secret to a successful marriage for many.

But after a slow, steady start to their marriage, they opted to say “I do” at home: the hillside estate with terraced grounds that Aniston bought in 2012. It meant that they could include their dogs in the celebration, German shepherd Dolly and pit bull mix Sophie, who have become an important part of the family.

How cute? At Luxe Models, we wish Jen every happiness.