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Yep, it’s summer time. Time to dig out your summer wardrobe, and the must-have at the moment is the 90’s classic – the crop top. But before you do, Luxe Models looks through the top tips to consider first.

Choose wisely

The entry-level option is the pseudo crop top, which doesn’t actually reveal any skin. Beginner ones reveal a modest strip underneath the bra line, and advanced ones flash a peek of navel. It’s easier to pull off the look if you go for a higher line of exposure.


Nothing looks worse than a bloated stomach in a crop top. You don’t have to have a perfect stomach; it’s pretty easy to make your belly look good. Just eat some foods with high potassium levels, like carrots and avocados, then drink plenty of water – a couple of sweaty gym sessions are also pretty useful if you have the time!

Crop Top Luxe ModelsKeep it stiff

Structured, heavy fabrics looks better than flowy, often sloppy looking materials. So bear that in mind.

Room to breathe

It’s not a corset; it’s meant to be a comfy, smart number for your wardrobe. If you feel comfy, you’re more likely to be in a good mood and there’s no better way of pulling off a look than having a smile on your face.

Be cautious of shapewear

Crop tops and shapewear are polar opposite, but if you don’t want to part with your Spanx then just make sure you cannot see any of it from any angle. You need to make absolutely sure that it’s all hidden, and you should be able to do a whole Davina McCall workout DVD without revealing any undergarments.

Prepare your skin

A crop top is just like getting two flashing neon arrows pointing at your stomach. Every man and his dog will have their eye on your midriff, so just make sure you moisturise, wax if necessary and resist the streaky fake-tan look! If your belly is a different colour to your face, is there anything worse?

Make everything else conservative

When picking an outfit, it’s a maximum of one erogenous zones on show. That’s tum, cleavage, back, side-boob or under-butt. Make sure the rest is fully covered.

Stand up straight

Sit straight, walk straight – good posture looks refined, but also prevents innumerable weird folds, bumps, rolls and any unflattering angles that result from crouching forward with your shoulders slumped.

Let your hair down

Play off the cool, fun look of crop tops with a low, messy ponytail. It only takes minutes to create, works with whatever your hair’s natural texture is, and is the perfect no-fuss look for summer. And you also need to let your hair down inside too – we don’t all have a perfect tummy but it can’t stop us from wearing a crop top.

Be confident and brave, and follow these simple tips, and you can wear a crop top with pride!

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