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So we’ve all heard about Nick Grimshaw’s new  job as an X Factor judge and his new Top Man collection, but that and his Radio 1 Breakfast Show apart, Luxe Models looks at another ten facts you didn’t know about Grimmy.

He nearly gave up on his career before it even started

That’s right, he may have been involved in radio since he was 15, but his dad did try and discourage him from chasing the pipeline dream telling him it was “like wanting to be a footballer or an astronaut” – his sister reminded him that some people actually are footballers and astronauts so he stuck with it! Phew!

Grimmy the butcher?

Plan B for the 30-year-old was to become a butcher in his hometown of Oldham. Fortunately, he went for the more glamorous route. But he nearly didn’t after confessing of his love for “playing with raw meat”, nice.

Nick Grimshaw Luxe Models

The Godfather

He is also godfather of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s son Rudy. Because, well, why wouldn’t he be?


Plenty of celebs have a ‘bromance’ with Grimmy, I mean, who wouldn’t? He nearly blew it with Directioners – therefore the whole universe – when involved in a game of ‘Celebs More Annoying than Lorde’. His producer suggested Louis Tomlinson, prompting the Twittersphere to kick off and send “homophobic death threats” for a short while. Perhaps a little unfair on our Grimmy?

He only gets on with younger people

Grimmy’s got loads of famous friends, most of whom are younger than his age of 30. After taking over the Breakfast Show in 2012, a mammoth 1,000 people joined a Facebook campaign to axe him because of his swearing habit and ‘party animal’ image.

Early bird

Nick’s actually really sensible. On weekdays he’s in bed for 9.30pm and he only has more than two glasses of wine on special occasions. So take that you middle aged party goers!



The Independent listed him eighth in the Most Influential LGBT people of Britain. Grimmy says he struggles with his love life, apparently being 30 is like being ’90 in gay years’.


Grimmy went to Liverpool University to study BA Communication and Media Studies, but he dropped out in his final year. Turns out it didn’t really matter!

Pro glass eater?

Seriously, last year on his show Grimmy accidentally lodged a shard of glass in his throat whilst on air after accidentally drinking it. He was rushed to A&E, later tweeting ‘went to hospy, had X-rays, coughed it up, all fine now. I can eat glass in a circus now if all else fails’

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