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With deckchair stripes all the rage this summer, Luxe Models has decided to help you get to grips with the trend by explaining how to pull off horizontal stripes.

The danger of horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes Luxe ModelsBT recently explained that “this summer is all about bold, deckchair-inspired stripes,” and they couldn’t be more right. This fresh, light look, often characterised by cobalt and white horizontal stripes, is everywhere right now.

Yet there’s one problem which makes it very hard for most women to rock deckchair stripes. Have you heard that old myth, “vertical stripes are slimming but horizontal stripes can add ten pounds?” It’s true; horizontal stripes can accentuate all the wrong parts of your body.

Five ways to rock horizontal stripes

But the look wouldn’t be so popular right now if there wasn’t some way to pull it off. Here are five ways you can rock horizontal stripes:

  • Opt for thin stripes: Remember this rule of thumb, “the chunkier the stripe the chunkier it makes you look.” Maybe it’s an optical illusion or something, but chunky stripes are fattening. Opt for clothes with thinner stripes if you want to nail this emerging summer trend.
  • Find the right cut: The cut of the piece is everything. You need to be very careful with horizontal stripes as it is, so opting for a piece that has an unflattering cut will do you no favours. Make sure you dress for your body shape if you want to make horizontal stripes work for you. Here’s a tip; pair horizontal stripes with boot cut jeans, a style that suits almost everybody.
  • Keep accessories simple: Horizontal stripes are a bold statement; they say a lot. You don’t need to add grand accessories; all they’ll do is make you look like you have no class. You should keep your accessories simple if you want to pull off horizontal stripes this summer.
  • Go for length: This is all about tricking the eye. A short piece with thick stripes can make you look wide. A long piece with thin stripes tricks the eye and makes the garment look more “vertical,” lending you a slimmer silhouette. Just trust us on this one, it’s a thing.
  • Be proud: At the end of the day it all comes back to attitude. If people look at you and think, “yeah she believes she looks good,” then they’ll be more inclined to think the same. There really is something to this whole positive thinking lark.

Navigate the minefield

Yes, horizontal stripes are a minefield, but they’re a minefield you might be forced to brave if you want to be on trend this summer. If you follow these tips you’ll be able to navigate your way around the minefield without getting blown up!

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