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Luxe Models’ world has been rocked this week. We’ve heard that Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora have been officially named as the new judges of the X Factor.

Luxe Models (secretly) loves the X Factor

If there’s one show that’s a guilty pleasure for many of us here in the Luxe Models office, it’s the X Factor. Alright, the X Factor is a shameless Simon Cowell vehicle that capitalises on sob stories to secure ratings but we can’t help but love it anyway. It’s so glamorous, we can’t help ourselves!

Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora Luxe Models

One of the reasons we love the X Factor so much is that it changes its judging line up more often than Lady Gaga changes outfits. It seems like Cowell and co. couldn’t resist the urge to shake-up the show once again this year, and speculation has been rife over who’ll replace departing judges Mel B and Louis Walsh (no, we really can’t believe he’s leaving either).

Grimshaw and Ora become judges!

As Luxe Models previously wrote, multiple tabloid sources suggested that Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw and pop star Rita Ora would join Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini at the X Factor judging table. Apparently, they had it right on the money!

According to the BBC, producers have confirmed that Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora will be the new judges on this year’s X Factor! The two are close friends and the BBC suggested that producers are hoping that their electric chemistry will add a new element that enhances the reality TV show.

Stars react

Simon Cowell was pretty enthusiastic about the decision. He said that “the best-kept secret in TV is out!! But I am really happy with the new judging line-up for X Factor this year. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The Radio One DJ was equally as happy about the news. Grimshaw commented: “Music is my job and my passion and I’m really looking forward to seeing what talent we can find and nurture this year. I can’t wait for judges’ houses in Oldham!” We really hope he’s joking about that last part!

x factor logo Luxe Models

Meanwhile Ora said that she was excited to be back after serving as a guest judge in 2012. The pop diva also said “this is a journey I can’t wait to embark on to find some talented singers.” It might be a touch awkward for the ‘How We Do’ singer though, as she also served as a judge on rival show The Voice. Cowell probably cackled with unabandoned glee when the decision was made to name the Fifty Shades of Grey actress one of the X Factor’s new judges!

Inspired choice

In Luxe Models’ opinion, this was an inspired choice. Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora are incredibly successful professionals in the field of pop music (Ora also kills it whatever she wears, which we think is an added bonus). Their experience should ensure we’re in for a pretty fantastic year on the X Factor!

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