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Since we’re inching ever close to summer, LUXE Models thought this’d be a good time to talk about one of the most difficult pieces of clothing in existence to pull off: The bikini.

A polarising outfit

The bikini is such a polarising outfit. On the one hand there are millions of people around the world who love it because it makes them feel fabulous and sexy. On the other, there are millions of people around the world who hate it because it’s revealing and has a tendency to dig into all the wrong places.

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Four rules for rocking a bikini

It is possible to pull off a bikini. You just need to live by a few cardinal rules every time you don one. In Luxe Models’ opinion you should always:

  • Dress for your body shape: Certain bikinis suit certain body types. If you don’t have much up top, for example, don’t try something strapless, it’ll be a disaster!
  • Accessorise: A bikini is a really bold clothing choice. If you accessorise it with a fabulous pair of shades or a sarong you can soften the look, hide your flaws and use your bikini to accentuate your assets!
  • Glam up: Another way you can make sure you walk out of the house feeling like a million bucks when you wear a bikini is to break out the make-up. This’ll allow you to add a few touches of creative flare to your look and colour co-ordinate your nails to your bikini! Make sure you opt for waterproof make-up in case you decide to take a dip in the pool!
  • Be confident: Ultimately, when you wear a bikini you have to own it. If you think you look bad, chances are other people will too. However if you strut your stuff everyone will see what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror!

Rock that bikini!

In other words you need to rock it girl! Bikinis aren’t for the faint of heart. You need to put the effort in and do everything you can to make a bikini work for you and your body if you want to pull off this controversial piece of swimwear!

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