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With the weather seeming like it doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going at the moment, this week seemed like the appropriate time for Luxe Models to broach that staple of women’s fashion. The handbag.

Every woman should carry a handbag

No woman is complete without her handbag. It’s the one fashion item you can utilise to carry every essential item you need. But handbags have limited space, meaning you need to choose what you pack into it before you head out of the door every single day.

Luxe Models Handbag

Five things you should pack in their handbags

We’ve carried out some not-even-slightly scientific research (we thought about it for a bit) and we discovered that every woman needs to pack the following five things into her handbag at all times:

  • Umbrella: Yes, we know summer’s coming but have you seen the weather lately? In the UK, there’s always a chance of rain, so you should always have an umbrella to hand just in case you need to keep yourself looking dry and fabulous when the heavens start to open up.
  • Makeup: It goes without saying that you need to pack the basics; lipstick, mascara, foundation etc. just in case you need to refresh your look at some point in the day!
  • Smartphone: God, how did we live without smartphones? This amazing little device can be used to call, text and email other people, to go on social media, to navigate streets, hell it can even be used to bring two lovers together! Luxe Models rests our case!
  • A light cardigan: This goes back to the weather thing. UK weather is notoriously unpredictable so you should carry a light cardigan in your bag just in case you need to shield yourself from the cold. Plus, it’s a great touch to any daytime outfit!
  • Hairbrush: Every woman has experienced that flare as dismay after a particularly strong gust of wind messes up their hair. That’s why you should make sure you carry a good sturdy hairbrush in your bag every single day!

Think about what you need

There’s one trick that every woman can use to determine what they should pack in their handbags. You should think about what you need, not about what you want. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

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