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You may think your new outfit is trendy, but is it trending? Luxe Models discovers more.

Thanks to Google, you can now find out report details on what styles and garments are becoming popular based on their search results from queries. You may have thought that Google knew everything—now it officially does! So if you’re struggling for what to wear and you need a second opinion, just ask Google!


A new Google report claims to reveal the latest fashions by tracking how often different styles or garments are entered into their search queries. For example, Tulle skirts have grown in popularity in searches by 34% for January 2015 in comparison to January from the previous year. In case you didn’t already notice, jogger pants are also becoming universal, according to the reports.

Luxe Models Google Trends

Just like any good Google report, they distinguish between “sustained growth” and “seasonal growth” trends, like emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts. And it seems that peplum dresses and string bikinis are on their way out for good – we reckon that is good news! And skinny jeans and corset dresses are just seasonally on the down-and-out. Jumpsuits and rompers are the ones to look out for this spring, with a recent surge in Google searching among us.

Taking Google’s advice

Some fashion outlets are actually looking to Google for advice from their figures, with Calvin Klein admitting to take notice of the figures before releasing their latest stock. Lisa Green heads Google’s fashion and industry team and was speaking to the New York Times.

She said: “We’re interested in being powerful digital consultants for our brands, not just somebody they can talk to about what ads they can buy online.”

So Google continues to make life simpler for us all, but we don’t think that you can trust a search engine on whether your bum looks big in that… can you?!

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