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Fashion month ended last week with Paris Fashion Week. Here is the Luxe Models rundown of what turned out to be one of the most exciting seven days in fashion!

The home of Coco Chanel had a lot to live up to!

The last few weeks have seen designers take to the runways of New York, London and Milan to showcase their creations for the autumn/winter 2015 season. Among other things the first three weeks of Fashion Month saw Tommy Hilfiger turn to American football to inspire his show in New York, the decades converge on London and motherhood become the latest fashion trend in Milan.

Paris Fashion Week Luxe Models

Last week it was the turn of Paris to put on its autumn/winter 2015 Fashion Week and it had a lot to live up to. Yet we had no doubt Paris could deliver. It has served as the fashion capital of the world for as long as we can remember. It was the home of Coco Chanel for goodness sake! Paris had no choice but to deliver.

Everything you need to know about what went on at Paris Fashion Week

And deliver it did. Paris delivered in spades, presenting us with a fashion week that generated numerous tabloid headlines, sparked exciting new trends and even caused a little controversy. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened at Paris Fashion Week:

  • Kim K went blonde: As we previously mentioned, Kim Kardashian West unveiled a striking new hairdo to the world. She died her luscious locks a bright platinum! Draco Malfoy and Legolas memes appeared on Twitter almost instantly.
  • Zoolander made an appearance: Yes, you read right. According to the BBC Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson turned up as their characters from the hilarious fashion-comedy to close the Valentino show. It may have been nothing but a stunt for Zoolander 2 but we loved it none the less!

Zoolander Luxe Models

  • Pinstripes came back: Thank god. E! Online spotted a number of global superstars including Kim Kardashian West, Dianna Agron and Solange Knowles sporting pinstripes as they attended shows at Paris Fashion Week. We loved Kim K’s take on the look – Givenchy’s spring 2015 menswear getup, which was supposedly tailored to fit her body!
  • Designers sparked new trends: The week featured a number of jaw dropping shows that introduced a raft of hot new trends to the world of fashion. Particular highlights included Celine’s woodland inspired collection, Saint Laurent’s stunning take on punk, Givenchy’s fascinating twist on the 70’s trend doing the rounds right now, Vivienne Westwood’s masterful exploration of men in women’s wear, another trend that’s been popular this time around and Kenzo’s erratic but charming interpretation of layers.
  • Lottie Moss makes her debut: Stop the presses. Kate Moss’ little sister Lottie made her Paris Fashion Week debut at the Sonia Rykiel show at the tender age of just 17. She promises to be every bit as iconic as her big sis!

Farewell Fashion Month

And that’s it. Fashion Month autumn/winter 2015 is officially over. Farewell, it was quite a ride. What did you think of the new trends sparked in New York, London, Paris and Milan? Are they destined to dictate your wardrobe?

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