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Fashion month is now almost over and last week it was the turn of Italian fashion capital Milan to host its autumn/winter 2015 fashion week. At Luxe Models we found ourselves fascinated by one show that proved that fashion and motherhood are a match made in heaven.

Fashion month hits runways around the world

If you haven’t heard, right now we’re in the middle of one of the most important events of the year as far as fashionistas are concerned. Fashion month.

The last few weeks have seen designers from every corner of the fashion industry take to the runways of New York and London to shows us which trends are destined to hit shops across the UK high street in autumn/winter 2015.

Dolce and Gabbana Luxe Models

“Viva la mamma”

Last week it was the return of Milan and there was one show that went to significant lengths to stand out from the crowd. Dolce & Gabbana centred their show on motherhood.

It’s a novel concept. Designers often neglect this period of a woman’s life to centre their collections on a time when she is younger and supposedly more beautiful. Yet with a show called “Viva la mamma” the legendary designers proved that there’s nothing more beautiful than motherhood.

Motherhood inspires Dolce and Gabanna’s latest line

Dolce and Gabbanna went above and beyond to make motherhood the centre of their show. They featured a tableau depicting grownup models along with babies, toddlers and children at the back of the runway whilst directing the show like a family portrait, to accompany the menswear event they put on in January. They even sent out a model who was six months pregnant to shimmy down the catwalk to the strains of the Spice Girls hit ‘Mama.’

Motherhood was also clearly the inspiration for the line Dolce and Gabanna showcased at the event. According to the Guardian ‘sweaters and dresses featured similar scrawled messages rendered in sequins, and a mother-and-child print and a later section of the show used drawings the designers did as children as prints on pretty silk dresses.’ Yet other parts of the collection, such as the magnificent jewelled headphones sported by one lucky model, deviated from the theme.

Motherhood never falls out of style

At Luxe Models we applaud Dolce and Gabanna for the show they put on at Milan Fashion Week. It proved that motherhood never falls out of style. Next up Paris. We can’t wait to see what the hometown of Coco Chanel has in store!

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