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Warning. The following blog post contains information about one of the most important fashion developments in the past 100 years. Read on at your own risk.

It’s the pinnacle of the fashion world; an undeniable trend that has been sought after by millions and only achieved by a small few. It’s been seen by the whole world, praised by the biggest and the best, and demanded by the public. But what is it?

It’s Left Shark!

Of course, we are talking about the one, the only, the effortless, the stylish, the big, blue, hand waving, dancing, unbeatable Left Shark.

Left Shark Luxe Models

Yes – you heard correctly. Left Shark. Katy Perry’s infamous, big, blue dancing buddy. At the half-time Super Bowl Show this year, the slightly out of time mascot changed the world as we know it. And now, after countless law suits and reincarnations, Left Shark is ready to go public. It’s ready to come home.

Buy the onesie

It’s true, just this week, Left Shark’s Katy Perry finally announced that you – yes you – will be able to be the one and only dancing blue thing. Right now on Katy Perry’s online store, you can buy a Left Shark onesie. So what are you waiting for?

Well, you might want a wait a little while, because currently, it’s priced at $129.99 on Katy’s store – approximately £84.  Which, for a onesie, is pretty pricey.

Left Shark Onesie Luxe Models

We know, WE KNOW! It’s Left Shark, everyone’s favourite blue berk. But come on, imagine the shipping to the UK? It’s just not fair.

But is it worth it?

Well, at least Katy is finally cashing in on the craze. After Left Shark became an internet success a few months back, everyone was trying to get on trend. You could buy homemade outfits and even 3D printed toys of old Lefty. But after all those cease and desist letters were sent out, the onesie seems like a logical conclusion. If not a pricey one.

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