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Tommy Hilfiger scored a touchdown at New York Fashion recently, in Luxe Models’ opinion, by using a beloved American pastime to inspire his latest show.

Designers flock to the city that never sleeps

It’s that time of the year again folks. Fashion month has rolled around once again. The next few weeks will see designers strive to display creations from their autumn/winter 2015 collections along catwalks throughout the fashion capitals of the world.  

Last week fashion month kicked off with New York Fashion Week. Designers from Donna Karan to Diane von Furstenberg to Carolina Herrera flocked to the city that never sleeps to give us a sneak peek at what they’ve got in store for autumn/winter 2015, yet in Luxe Models’ opinion Tommy Hilfiger blew them all out of the water.

Tommy Hilfiger Luxe Models

“An American Love Story inspired by Ali MacGraw”

Hilfiger used New York Fashion Week as an opportunity to introduce the world to his debut sportswear collection, as well as celebrate his brands’ 30th anniversary. Never one to do anything by half measures, Hilfiger went to extreme lengths to create the ultimate show.

The result was a spectacle whose theme was purported by the label to be “an American Love Story inspired by Ali MacGraw.” According to the Guardian, this meant that Hilfiger substituted the catwalk for an American football field using real turf and the backstage area for a locker room. Yardage on the field/catwalk was marked out, with each end zone bearing a huge “HILFIGER.” Furthermore Hilfiger had a huge monitor installed over the runway to count down the final 30 seconds to kick off!

Tommy Hilfiger collection channels vintage college football vibe

However it wasn’t just a gimmick. Hilfiger’s use of American football as a theme underscored a sportswear collection that capitalised on shades of navy and burgundy to lend its pieces a vintage college football vibe.

Those seated on the bleachers (not really) were treated to a show filled to the brim with items usually more often seen on your typical American football field. Pleated cheerleader-esque skirts, big furry hats, varsity-style jumpers and bags with football appliques; it felt like we were at the Super Bowl! Hilfiger himself even got in on the action, running down the field/runway at the show’s climax holding aloft his own football helmet!

A highlight of New York Fashion Week

Going to efforts as extreme as these, how could Tommy Hilfiger’s latest show have been anything but a touchdown! It was a highlight of New York Fashion Week; London, Paris and Milan you have a lot to live up to!

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