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LUXE Models tackles one question that has graced the mind of every fashion forward woman on the planet at some point in their lives this week; can you wear ankle boots with a dress?

The optical illusion of the ankle boot

Here at LUXE Models we love a good ankle boot. They’re cool, stylish and can make your legs look stunningly slim, yet many women choose to avoid this rising shoe-wear trend.

That’s because ankle boots are hard to pull off. Team your boot with the wrong outfit and it’s like an optical illusion. They cut off your legs right above the ankle making it look as though your ankles are wider than they actually are.

Ankle Boots Luxe Models

What do the Hollywood set do?

This is why so many women flinch back in terror at the thought of teaming their ankle boots with a dress. They believe that skinny jeans are better suited to this fabulous form of footwear.

They have a point; ankle boots look stunning with a well-tailored pair of skinnies. Every time you see a celeb in your favourite glossy who’s chosen to don a pair of ankle boots they’ve paired it with a pair of gorgeous skinny jeans. However it’s a rare occurrence to see an A-Lister opt for a dress when they’ve chosen to walk out their front door in a pair of ankle boots.

How to wear a dress with ankle boots

This would make you think that it’s not OK to wear ankle boots with a dress. Yet we’d beg to differ here at LUXE Models. Hand on heart we truly believe that you can look fabulous when you wear ankle boot with a dress… if you pick the right dress.

It all depends on the type of dress you’re wearing. Pair your boots with a maxi dress and you just look weird. It’s too stark a contrast. Yet if you team it with a shorter dress, maybe a miniskirt, it makes you look chic and casual; like a rock chic who’s too cool to care if she actually looks cool.

You CAN wear ankle boots with a dress

Therefore you CAN wear ankle boots with a dress, as long as you opt for the right kind of dress. Team your booties with a mini skirt, adopt an ‘I don’t care’ attitude and all eyes will swivel towards your direction because guess what? You look fabulous!