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Luxe Models received an answer to a question that has plagued minds around its office for years this week. Why do we love celebrity gossip?

How do you feel when you read celebrity gossip?

Here at Luxe Models we live for celebrity gossip. As far as we’re concerned there’s nothing better than curling up by the fire with your favourite glossy and taking the time to find out who’s been doing what to who in the land of the rich and famous.

Yet we’ve never quite realised what actually happens whenever we hear a juicy tid bit about a troubled A-lister. We feel good. We feel great actually. What’s all that about? One new study has revealed why reading gossip about the residents of the A-list makes us feel as though we’re walking on air.

Researchers strive to find out what happens in the brain when a person hears gossip

Recently the Daily Mail reported that researchers at Shenzhen University in China conducted an experiment to find out what happens in the brain when someone reads gossip.

Researchers got a group of students to read aloud snippets of gossip about themselves, their best friends and their favourite movie stars. They included stories that put celebrities in a negative light. Subsequently they scanned the brains of the students to see how they reacted to hearing different pieces of gossip.

Brain reacts to negative gossip

Intriguingly, students’ brains reacted physically when they heard stories that cast famous people in a negative light.

Scans showed that when a student heard a story putting a celebrity in a negative light, it stirred up dopamine and other ‘feel good’ chemicals inside their brain’s ‘reward region.’ Even more amazingly, more feel good chemicals were kicked up in the brain by tales of famous misfortune than by stories of a friend in trouble.

King’s College London neurobiologist, Adam Perkins, who found himself particularly fascinated by the research explained why brains may have reacted so positively to stories chronicling celebrity misdeeds. Perkins said that “celebrities are particularly likely to be envied, and when they fall from grace we therefore are likely to feel particularly happy.”

Best news Luxe Models ever heard!

And our heads just imploded. This is the best news we’ve ever heard. Now we actually have an excuse for cackling with glee the next time we hear about Lindsay Lohan’s latest screw up. We have no choice. Our brains are hard-wired to appreciate a good snippet of juicy A-list gossip!