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With a new book about the life and times of one of the greatest woman in comedy set to be released in 2015, this week we reveal five things Luxe Models wants to know about Joan Rivers.

Fascinating, hilarious, glamourous, iconic

She may have been the fashion icon who left no stone in her life unturned, but when Joan Rivers passed away last year she left so many questions unanswered.

That’s why when we heard that daughter Melissa Rivers is set to write a book about her late mother we threw a little party here in the Luxe Models office. Joan Rivers was such a fascinating, hilarious, glamourous, iconic woman. We have a funny feeling there’s still a whole lot more to learn about one of comedy’s most controversial stars.

Joan Rivers Luxe Models

Five things we hope to learn from the Book of Joan

But where do we start? Narrowing down our endless list of questions, here are five things we hope to learn from The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation when it’s released on the 5th May…

  • Where did she get her sense of style? Joan Rivers had a killer wardrobe. She oozed glamour. She was practically the Marie Antoinette of the celeb world. Where did that perfect sense of style come from? As fashion enthusiasts we need to know!
  • What is Prince Charles really like? Joan Rivers counted the heir to the British throne himself as one of her many A-list pals. This is too good an opportunity to waste. Melissa’s got to have heard from her mum what Charles was really like right?
  • Did she ever regret a joke? The comedienne was pretty unapologetic throughout the span of her career. She had a strict no apology policy when it came to her comedy. Yet she must have regretted at least one right? Now would be the perfect time to tell us Melissa!
  • Why did she get all that plastic surgery? Anybody who’s ever seen a Joan Rivers interview knows that she was pretty honest when it came to the fact that she had a LOT of plastic surgery. She always made it seem like it was just a vanity thing but we think there’s something more to it. We’d be genuinely interested to know why Joan thought it necessary to alter her appearance so drastically considering just how popular plastic surgery has become around the world.
  • How did she really feel about Johnny Carson? Saving the best for last, did you know that Joan Rivers got her big break on The Tonight Show in the 60’s when Johnny Carson was at its helm? The two were best pals until they fell out in the 80’s over Rivers’ desire to host her own late night show, sparking the ultimate celeb feud. Celeb feuds are like celeb sex tapes; we don’t want to but we need to see the intimate details for ourselves!

Shedding light on the real Joan Rivers

In other words we want to know what Joan Rivers was really like. With the person her knew her best slated to write this book maybe it’ll shed some light on the human being underneath the iconic persona that was Joan Rivers.