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The rising popularity of a new store in the Netherlands has prompted us to ask this week here at Luxe Models; is there such a thing as fashionable bullet-proof clothing?

What do you Think When You Hear the Word ‘Bullet-Proof?

What do you think when you hear the word bullet-proof? Aside from a shoot-out in a Quentin Tarantino movie we mean?

If you’re anything like Luxe Models, the first thing that graces your mind when you hear the word ‘bullet-proof’ will be an image of a tough bullet-proof vest that’s so ugly your eyes water even thinking about it. Yet that could change as the world looks set to learn about one particular store in the Netherlands.

Bulletproof Clothing Luxe Models

Designed to Look Like a Normal Outfit

According to the BBC, a store in the Dutch town of Eindhoven that’s dedicated to providing the town’s citizens with fashionable bullet-proof attire has become increasingly popular in recent days.

The shop carries a Columbian brand of armoured clothing and features a range of items you’d typically stock in your everyday wardrobe. Carrying everything from suits to leather jackets to ties, the clothing is designed to look like a normal outfit.

“A Lot of Enquires from Belgium and France.”

Yet the rising popularity of the Netherland’s first fashionable bullet-proof clothing shop that’s seen its sales go up in recent days has been prompted by a very abnormal reason. The Paris terror attacks last January.

The shop is owned by a group called Panamera. It’s CEO, Yavuz Yilmaz, commented to Eindhoven’s Dagblad that “after Paris, 150 more people have already asked for information.” The CEO went on to say that he’s witnessed “a lot of enquiries from Belgium and France as a result of current developments.”

Yes, There Really is Such a Thing as Fashionable Bullet-Proof Clothing

Therefore, it looks like there really is such a thing as bullet-proof clothing, and the rise in popularity of the Netherland’s first fashionable bullet-proof clothing store has turned out to be a really good thing. Recent events have shown that it’s never a bad idea to combine safety with fashion!

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