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Want to keep warm and look fabulous this January? Keep reading, as this week on the Luxe Models blog we let you know how to pull off a turtleneck.

The Winter Conundrum

Turtleneck Luxe ModelsCrickey it’s freezing! The warm glow left burning in our hearts after Christmas has finally worn off and we’ve been left to battle with artic temperatures as we enter 2015.

This time of the year presents fashionistas with the ultimate conundrum. Do you forgo sense and dress to impress, or do you let the ice cold winds of January get the better of you and wrap up warm? What would you say if Luxe Models told you, you can do both?

Five Tips to Help You Pull off a Turtleneck

Take the simple turtleneck. Throw it on willy nilly and you better watch out for the fashion police. Yet if you put a little thought into it, you can rock a turtleneck without breaking a sweat. Here are five tips to help you pull off a turtleneck…

  • Dress for Your Figure: Don an oversized turtleneck and people might think you’re pulling a Zooey Deschanel. Yet if you find that right turtleneck for your body, it’ll hug your figure and make it look smoking hot!
  • Think before You Wear a Chunky Necklace: That huge neck makes its own statement. Be careful if you decide to pair it with chunky necklace. Teaming it with statement jewellery can lend your look a touch of rebellion, but if you get it wrong, you’ll get it really
  • Opt for Skinny Jeans: You may see your favourite celeb rocking a pleated leather mini skirt with a turtleneck, but this look doesn’t work for everyone. If you want to play it safe and flatter your figure, opt for skinny jeans to lend your turtleneck a flattering counterpoint to contrast with.
  • Layer: According to Who What Wear there’s one simple way to pull off a turtleneck whilst looking edgy. Pair it with a V-neckline. Whether that’s a dress, blouse etc., layering a turtleneck with a v-neckline will lend your look a long, lean silhouette.
  • Let Your Accessories Do the Talking: A turtleneck is a simple piece. If you want to jazz it up a bit, let your accessories do the talking. Make it look fabulous by opting for killer heels or classic flats, as well as a statement bag that’ll have all eyes straining to turn in your direction as you stroll down the high street!

Conquer Your Fashion Fears!

Don’t be afraid of the turtleneck. Get the best of both worlds and stay warm this winter whilst still looking gorgeous by putting some thought into your look before you walk out of your house wearing that most difficult of winter staples to get right; the turtleneck!

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