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The temperatures continue to plummet, so it’s imperative that your gloves don’t alert he fashion police. Here, LUXE Models help you stay warm and fashionable with your gloves.

Winter is the Enemy!

Winter is the enemy of the well-dressed fashionista. As the cold weather descends, you literally have no choice but to find every way you can to wrap up and stay warm.

Winter fashion staples such as jumpers and scarves don’t always lend themselves to the cultivation of style. This proves especially true when it comes to the gloves; you have no choice but to don them and a good fashionable pair can be hard to find.

Luxe Models Gloves

Five Tips to Wear Gloves

If you wear them wrong, gloves can make you look as though you’ve decided to take up a role as a farm hand on the local pasture. Yet if you do them right, gloves can cap off your winter look. Do them right with the following five tips:

  • Avoid Wool: It’s extremely hard to pull of wool. It has a nasty tendency to bobble with age, lending you the air of a bedraggled ruffian who spends far too much time with their hands wrapped in a briar of thorns.
  • Find the Right Size: Now is not the time to get thrifty. If you buy gloves that are too big for your hands just because they’re on offer, you’ll look as though you’re a 14 year old who’s decided to steal their dad’s favourite pair.
  • Team with a Military Coat: If you want to look clean cut and fabulous, we’d suggest you team a pair of classic leather gloves with a gorgeous military coat. There’s something about the combo that just feels right.
  • Prioritise Durability: Winter gloves really get put through their paces when they’re subjected to driving rain and bone-chilling snow. If you buy a flimsy pair, they’ll fall apart and affect a tattered look before the first snows have thawed. You should always prioritise durability when choosing a pair of winter gloves.
  • Pick the Right Colour: Contrast works wonderfully well in the world of fashion, however when it comes to winter gloves, picking a bright orange pair when you own a red coat just looks tacky. Pick a pair that boasts a colour that compliments your coat to pull off the winter glove look with panache.

Get noticed – in the right way!

No fashion-conscious individual likes having to wear winter gloves. Yet as temperatures drop, you’re left with little choice but to take the plunge. Take it as an opportunity to break out your new, fashionable gloves and stay ahead of the trend!