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Ensure you maintain your fashion credentials over the festive period with a little help from Luxe Models this week, as we reveal five fashion rules you need to live by this Christmas.

Dubious Christmas Fashion

People tend to get a little carried away at Christmas. It’s like everybody loses their mind, and things they’d never normally consider doing in a million suddenly seem like the best ideas in the world.

Christmas Sweater Luxe Models Blog

That’s certainly true when it comes to fashion. As December 25th draws ever closer, it’s like every ingrained rule of what to wear flies out the window. All of a sudden, dubious Christmas fashion becomes the must have wardrobe of choice, but it doesn’t make you look good. Rather, it just makes you look like Christmas has somehow exploded all over your body!

Use These Five Fashion Rules to Keep You Grounded

With the holiday spirit weaving its way through every crevice of your life, you’re going to need a little help keeping your head and avoiding sparking a sartorial disaster as Christmas descends. We’d suggest you use following five fashion rules to keep yourself grounded if at any point over the next month, you feel the urge to abandon your sense of good taste…

  • Christmas Jumpers are Evil: Clunky, chunky and boasting so many patterns just looking at one makes your eyes water, Christmas jumpers are plain evil. Avoid them like the plague if you want to ensure you look fabulous for the family photos this Yuletide.
  • Tinsel is Not a Necklace: As the festive season inches closer, people start to come under the ridiculous misconception that tinsel can be used to craft a fabulous necklace. No, it can’t. It’s itchy, and once you’ve swathed it around your shoulders, it makes you look like a firework has exploded all over your neckline.
  • Novelty Earrings are Tacky: At any other point in the year, would you ever think that hanging a model tree from your ears is a good idea? No, you wouldn’t. Novelty earring are always tacky, and the fact that Christmas has rolled around once again does not change this one integral truth of fashion.
  • Never Wear Something From a Cracker: When you’re sat at the table eating Christmas dinner with your family, we get that it can seem tempting to don the hat that’s just spilled out of your Christmas cracker. Resist the urge – they’re just plain hideous!
  • You’re Not a Christmas Tree: Lights are meant for Christmas trees, not for people. Some shops actually carry clothes with Christmas lights on them, and we think that the people who told these shops this was a good idea should be arrested! This is the worst crime against fashion we’ve ever seen.

Don’t Take Any Photos!

If you want to ensure you don’t leave yourself with wardrobe-induced nightmares come New Year, just avoid wearing anything Christmas related. Yet if you absolutely can’t resist the urge to don some Crimbo-inspired attire, make sure nobody has a camera on hand!

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