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Here at Luxe Models, we’re all for a bit of strange – a bit of the abnormal. It’s often quite interesting to see big stars reinvent themselves, or change things up a bit. But, sometimes, famous people can often take it too far.

Even Stevens

Once a charming, child-actor; funny, cute and talented, LA’s Shia LaBeouf used to be known for his charming antics on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. Sure it wasn’t going to last forever, we always knew that Shia would grow up, but we didn’t expect him to be the man he is today.

Shia I Am Not Famous Anymore Luxe Models

There’s no denying it, Shia LaBeouf is a really talented actor. His roles in the Transformers series, Lawless, Indiana Jones and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps have brought him to incredible heights, and he’s truly a joy to watch on screen. But recently, the 28 year old actor from Los Angeles has been turning more heads with his performances off-screen, with a series of art pieces, performances and stunts.

I Am Not Famous Anymore

Over the past year, Shia has attempted to bring a number of personas and art-pieces to Hollywood and beyond which, undoubtedly, have had mixed results.

His well-publicised stunt at the Berlin film festival – in which the actor arrived at the red carpet wearing a brown paper bag over his head which had the words: “I am not famous anymore” written on it – was the first in a long line ‘art-pieces’ in 2014.


Shortly after, Shia staged a week-long performance in the LA gallery called #IAMSORRY, in which the actor sat in a tuxedo and the famous paper bag, crying in front of onlookers. An extremely odd event, visitors waited for days to catch a glimpse of Shia, and – not surprisingly – #IAMSORRY received very mixed reviews.


In the same month, Shia arranged for a skywriting over LA, which displayed the message “#StartCreating”, and a few months after that ‘jumped roped’ or skipped for an exhibition in London via Skype.

Many were starting to fear for Shia’s sanity, and the tabloids had a field day, but the actor seemed deadly serious about the whole thing.

Disorderly Conduct

But the art performances weren’t the only talking point. Shia’s run-ins with the law have been well documented over the years, and 2014 has been no different. In June, he was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, in which he yelled and disrupted a performance of the musical ‘Cabaret’ in New York.

New Revelations from #IAMSORRY

But now with the year coming to a close, another story has come to light which has left many in shock. Shia LaBeouf claims that he was raped during his performance of #IAMSORRY in LA, in which a woman whipped his legs for ten minutes and then stripped the actor and raped him.

This shocking news comes after a testing year for the young actor, and leaves us here at Luxe Models deep in thought about what will happen in 2015. Will Shia continue to produce performance art, or will he stick strongly with acting and leave 2014 behind him forever? Who knows, only time will tell.

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