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Never too far away from the public eye, Luxe Models’ favourite fashion abuser Lady Gaga has been up to her old tricks again, and sparked outcry with the introduction of her latest outfit – the blow-up dress…

What’s Next for Gaga?

So, what have we had? The ‘meatsuit’, the ‘Jo Calderone’, the ‘shuttlecock’? Gaga truly is the King (or queen) of jaw-dropping and ridiculous fashion. And regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, she doesn’t half get everyone talking.

Lady Gaga Blow up dress Luxe Models

But what’s next you ask? Well, arguably one of Lady Gaga’s more – how do we put it – interesting fashion choices, her most recent dress sees the pop star getting all hi-tech.

The Blow-up Dress

After the last gig of her tour in Paris, France, last night, Gaga showed up to the famous VIP Room, ready to impress (kind of).

Dressed in what appeared to be large silver drapes, Lady Gaga waited in front of cameras outside the venue when the dress started to change.

Inflating (yes, inflating) the pop star’s outfit quickly turned into a mass of air-filled silver spikes.

Captured on Film!

Bordering on the ludicrous, Gaga then made good for the cameras, showing off her newest piece of gossip gold, before attempting to squeeze her way inside the club.

It has to be seen to be believed really, which is why it’s lucky that someone got the whole thing on film – well, on their camera phone.

How Do You Top That?

Whilst we’re pretty sure Gaga probably got changed into something a little more comfortable once inside the club, we’ve got to hand it to her. We’ve never seen anything like that before, and we probably won’t see anything like it again. Well, at least until her next big outfit that is.

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