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If you’re looking for that essential item for your wardrobe this season then look no further, as this week Luxe Models explains why boilersuits are this autumns must have fashion trend.

The History of the Boilersuit

We know what you’re thinking; boilersuits aren’t really associated with glamour. And you’d be right. For the longest time they’ve really been more about function.

The boilersuit first became a thing in the Second World War. They were developed for women working in the munitions factories whilst their men were away on the front. Since then, they’ve continued to be championed by everyone from painter/decorators to astronauts for their functional purposes.

The Dress for Those of Us Who Fear Showing Our Legs

It’s those very purposes that is making the boilersuit a fashion mainstay right now. If you’d been following the catwalks at all recently, you’d have seen that frills are out and functionality is in. That’s why work wear is such a big thing on runways and high streets alike right now.

Luxe Models Boilersuit

In other words, people are looking for clothes that they can really wear. In a piece in the Guardian, fashion label Whistle’s CEO Jane Shepherdson explains the attraction of the boilersuit. She comments that “the boilersuit is the dress for those of us who fear showing our legs or can’t bear the thought of tights.”

Even Kate Moss is Wearing a Boilersuit!

With the colder weather, and renewed emphasis on practical fashion, boilersuits simply work right now. They are the perfect practical outfit for autumn, and even celebrities are wearing them.

Pick a famous female A-Lister, any famous female A-lister, and chances are, they’ll have rocked a boilersuit in the not so distant past. Stars including Susan Sarandon, Chloe Sevigny, Lena Dunham, Victoria Beckham and even Kate Moss have championed the look. Moss pulled it off particularly well, when she donned a Khaki boilersuit at the latest Topshop show.

Straddling the Boundaries of Fashion and Function

As Kate Moss goes, so too, do the wardrobes of the women of the world. Kate Moss fan-girling aside, the boilersuit is the must have fashion trend for autumn because it does what so many other trends fail to do. It manages to capture the fashion zeitgeist that’s doing the rounds right now, whilst proving practical and wearable for real women.

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