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Here at Luxe Models, if there’s one thing we love, it’s pop music – we just can’t get enough of the stuff. The hooks, the lyrics, the beats; wowsers, we blummin’ love pop music. But, you know what we love even more than pop music? The pop-stars themselves!

Luxe Models Love Pop Stars!

Let’s face it, pop music is great, but without the people behind the microphone it wouldn’t be the same would it. Would we have realistically listened to ‘Anaconda’ if Nicki Minaj hadn’t released a ridiculous video to match, or danced along to Britney’s ‘Work B**ch’ if she wasn’t the gal behind it?

Taylor Swift Luxe Models Blog

All Hail Taylor Swift: God Of Pop

Well, whilst some of 2014’s popular music can often be hard to listen to, there’s one modern-day musical genius and all round heart-throb who can do no wrong – well at least in Luxe Models’ eyes anyway.

Yes, of course we’re taking about Taylor Swift, who else? Our ‘Shake It Off’ gal is at the top of her game at the moment and is becoming one of the music-industries most prominent female artists – and guess what, her music is awesome!

‘1989’ World Tour 

And following the success of her new album, titled ‘1989’, Taylor has just announced a massive world tour for 2015. The epic 57-date tour – which will see Taylor in the US, Europe and Canada – kicks off on the 20th of May next year in LA and will follow through to the 31st of October.

So – if like us – you can’t wait to get another glimpse of Taylor, then we recommend getting yourselves some tickets before they’re gone forever.

Tickets go on sale on Friday the 7th of October via Ticketmaster.

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