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It’s that time of year again. The clocks have gone back, it’s cold, dark, and everyone’s favourite alternative-holiday is just around the corner. So lock up for kids, unplug the door bell, bin all your sweets, hide under the covers, open three bottles of red wine and get those earplugs ready because guess what – it’s Halloween.

Halloween 2014

Us Brits – Luxe Models included – have never been completely sold when it comes to Halloween. Sure, we’ve been known to get dressed up in a cheap costume, take the kids round the block and carve the odd pumpkin here and there, but we’ve never gone mad for the whole thing. But, our US cousins on the other hand – well they’re practically bonkers for the whole thing.

Happy Halloween Luxe Models

US vs the UK

If you’ve ever spent Halloween in the USA, then no doubt you know what we’re talking about. Houses, shops, streets, offices and gardens are lavishly decorated, costumes are a big deal and everything is pumpkin flavoured – even the coffees. But regardless of your location this October, you’re bound of heard of the latest scandals when it comes to Halloween costumes in 2014.

Outrageous Halloween Costumes

It’s almost the same every year. There’s always some new scandal or outrage that sparks off the same set of arguments. There’s always someone who takes things too far and turns a little bit of fun into something more sinister or offensive.

Sure, here at Luxe Models we’re more than used to short skirted red devils or the occasional busty vampire, but some of 2014’s more publicised costume idea have really left us speechless.

Sexy Ebola Nurse

With the ever-present threat of widespread illness, one particular outfit called ‘Sexy Ebola Nurse’ has been talked about extensively in the media recently, prompting outcry from those who are actually fighting to stop the deadly infectious disease. How anyone can find Ebola ‘sexy’ or funny is beyond us.

Luxe Models sexy-ebola-nurse

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling has been another strong talking point in the run up to Halloween this year, with countless cases of racist and inappropriate behavior on social media websites. An issue which is brought about each year, this Halloween season has been no different with fancy dress goers dressing up as Black American Football player Ray Rice who was in the news recently for abusing his wife. We all know that dressing up as another race is a big no-no, but promoting domestic violence is definitely not cool.

So, if you’re looking to join in the festivities this year – we know we at Luxe Models certainly will be – then it might be worth having a good think about what you’re going to wear. Just be sensible and be considerate to those around you.

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